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America, Beautiful, and Billboard: THE NAACP CLAIMS IT IS NOT PRO-ABORTION AND HAS NEVER TAKEN A POSITION ON THE ISSUE. YOU DECIDE In 2004, NAACP passed a resolution at its annual convention affrming the "right" to abortion by VOTE supporting the March for Women's Lives" in DC-a massive pro-abortion Planned Parenthood)/NARAL rally In 2004, NAACP Chairman, Julian Bond, was a featured keynote speaker at the pro-abortion "March for Women's Lives" declaring that "Reproductive Freedom is as basic as eating at a lunch counter." In 2004, NAACP Chairman, Julian Bond, was a featured keynote speaker at the annual fund raiser gala for NARAL Prochoice America, the nation's largest abortion activist group. There he boasted of black women's high abortion rates declaring they exercise that precious right at a rate far exceeding their percentage of the population."Abortion is the #1 killer of black lives) CSPAN In 2007 NAACP leadership refuses to allow vote on pro-life resolution offered by a GA chapter NAACP In 2010 the same prolife GA NAACP Chapter writes endorsement of GA bill, SB 529, to ban race-based abortions. Days later, after pressure from national NAACP, GA NAACP Chapter president withdraws support. In 2011 CA NAACP Chapter denounces "Black & Beautiful" billboard campaign launched by The Radiance Foundation and Issues4Life Foundation. Alice Huffman, CA NAACP Chapter President (and National NAACP Exec. Board member) called it horrible", "racist", misleading and a very, very poisonous approach to politics." She was disturbed that the billboards attacked Planned Parenthoo BLACK&BEAUTIFUL TOOMANYABORTED.COM/CA In 2011 a concurrent campaign (Juneteenth") was launched in Atlanta by The Radianc Foundation. NAACP VP of Advocacy, Hilary Shelton, denounced the billboards yet tells the Huffington Post reporter that the "NAACP hasn't taken a position on abortion. ABORTION ENSLAVES US TOOMANYMORTEDCOM In 2011 the NAACP joins other pro-abortion groups in opposing Congressman Trent Frank's prolife Pre-Natal Non-Discrimination Act (PRNDA bill) banning sex-selection and race-based abortions. In 2011 NAACP joined 26 other liberal organizations in rushing to defend abortion giant, Planned Parenthood after LiveAction.org exposed the population control chain of its coverup of sex trafficking, resulting in the firing of PPFA staff. NAACP fights any defunding of PPFA. In 2012 & 2013 NAACPs website confirms Planned Parenthood as a Corporate Sponsor of the NAACP's annual conventions. The NAACP profits from its partnership with largest abortion chain in America, a billion dollar organization birthed in eugenic racism and population control FIND OUT MORE AT TOOMANYABORTED.COM/CIVILWRONGS