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India, Pakistan, and Indian: Let's go boys India prepares for war against Pakistan after the Kashmir attack on Indian troops. (2019)

India prepares for war against Pakistan after the Kashmir attack on Indian troops. (2019)

Brad Pitt, Children, and Computers: Christina attended the 1989 MTV Movie kwards with Brad Pitt, but dumped him at the event and left with someone else an ar adet that trained with the an milita ellow singer Shont her drill sergean In 2009, when 18-year old Rukhsana Kausar from Kashmir, India saw her parents being beaten as part of a fhrced marriage proposal by a militia commander, she killed one militant with an axe gumed the then started a 4hour gun battle with the militia nsgenderwoman wasn allowed to change her gender marker to female at the so she went outside and took off her shirt She was arrested, despite her license saying she was a Male Nolly Schuyler,a 125b woran won the Wing Bowl 001 eating contest (recard 363 chickan wingsl. The nat day she won the Blus Ribbon Bacon Festival (5 bs of bacanin 3 minl afterwinning the HOP Parcake Bowl (59 pascakes). Nat day, she conquered the Adam Emeneckar Challenge by eating 5ibsof barbecaa in 2014,she bmke the T2 az steak eating warld record, by eating it in 2min and 44 secs beating theprior record of 6nin and 38 woman in n fight off and kill a leopard that pounced on her when she was arryine water Kama Devi,56 said she fought with the imal for more than halfan waman samed Allena Hassen w35 bear while walking her efend her. She escaped from ther iked back to her car and drove4 miles for help, even thonghhalf at her face was hanging off profusely ut of its sacket. She surrived. Both he degs suftered osly minor inuries In 2003 female A10 Thunderbolt up by anti-aircraft munitions lost all hydraulics,rolled left and pointed toward the ground,but after reverting to manual mode she regnined control flew for an hour, and landed without brakeS n2012 Aishat Maksudava a 6 year eld Russian walf with her bare hands and wolf was just elawing into my kiled it with an ae So the left hand pulingon it, puling away lke this And then I tosk the axe andhit him an his head, shesaid A Frenchwoman, leanne de Cissen became a piate in the 130U's to merge her husband's death, wh" bebeaded fur treson. She sold her bmily's land to buy 3ships and painted then black with red sails For the aad 13years, she wentona binge targeting King Phlp s ships and personaly beheaded the Freachnoblemen she captured In 2000,a Mexican woman named Ines Ramirez Pere success Csection on herself after 12 hours of continual pain with a kitchen knife and three glasses of hard liquor, while her husband was drinking at a bar Susan an and eoman from Uregon overpowered and killed with her bare had hired to kill her woman named Mona Shaw with a hammer becauseshe was fed up with their poor customer service She was arrested and got charged $345 In 2005, a worten nemed Shayra Richardson, performing her first solo skydve jump to slam face fint oa pirking recovery and the baby was ire sucked utstudent ater it was struck by lightning She fell 3.2 stil 9 day walk to the nearest civilzation. She was the lone survivor from the crash An Indian flight attendant named Neerja Bhanot hid the passengers on board a hijacked flight to save hem from the hijackers. he died while shielding three children froma hail of bullets ASA's first trip into space Katherine Johnson,an African American scientist who was in charge of calculating the work was so trusted that, oven after NASA had switched to computers, they would call on her to check for any mistakes AfterOga of Kiew's hushand got murdered she went after the culprits and net nly did she abliterate the whole family through relentless murder,bat als destroyed their city by burring the whole city at once with pigeens and sparrows <p>Women Who Deserve More Appreciation.</p>

Women Who Deserve More Appreciation.