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Ass, Bad, and Best Friend: either i have no friends or im just a complete failure i just learned today that literally everyone (including u) knows that i spilling my secrets anymore) wait if i cant do that then i wont have friends oh well whatever i can deal with that no i cant im also sick and tired of ppl just not liking me back i try so damn hard for that to happen but nope im just the nerdy kid who no one likes cuz he cant do anything except be good at math ihate that i really do dont mistake my intentions pls im not trying to make u change ur mind about me ur not at fault i really dont know who is at fault anyway im just telling u this cuz ur the only person that i can actually trust im just not ok and i want help :/ sry if im bothering u btw thats tru ur a very nice person and all:) but i entrusted this one secret to somehow this got out (i may have mentioned something to u prolly just like me as a friend gr8 now i have to respect that while sitting in a corner and crying my ass off whatever i will get over it maybe not i dunno but im really just sick and tired of ppl just not keeping secrets when i want them to (thats why im so cynical) i legitimately cannot tell any of my friends that are guyz cuz then they're gonna bully me and im a snowflake so i will break and i dont want that the only other person i could tell is u, but i cant tell u that i like u for obvious reasons maybe ppl just dont like me and i have to accept it maybe im just the nerdy brown kid" who has no social life maybe im literally the weakest person in the world maybe im a failure i just dont know i came to Austin thinkin i will find actual friends that i can trust with my deepest secrets and stuff ive now learned my lesson (no not leaving Austin but im just not spilling my secrets anymore) cant sorry its only text atm I can't text well thats too bad maybe sunday? Message Message Well this is i can said she did which is wonderful see this is what i mean by i dont got no friends i cant depend on them for anything now pls delete everything that has just happened PLEASE I BEG U And I can talk now I lied so who is this rn im confused Why And if you hadn't said texted that she probably wouldn't know And I'm not going to show her Until you talk And now you don't want her to know? well if she doesnt know then she does not know so does everyone know that i like her ihave been hurting for no frikkin reason because i think that every single time i like someone i fail this has not failed Message this has not failed yet so delete it now Damn bro da fuq ur problem Well you know asfriend that shit like this makes her really sad and hurts her and if you really trusted her and had a mutual friendship with her you'd have figured this out and I'm not saying that you're not s is something that isn't hidden and also Like this is not OK what you're doing you're hurting and you're just focusing on your own emotions like nobody said to do nothing nobody said you were a bad friend and nobody said anything like that but you're just going on about it and you're hurting people and I don't know why you're not taking the shit like a man and stop saying Stuff like that because it hurts her and you should care enough about her to not make most of the problems about you I'm sorry that you're dealing with this but you need to man up OK and I'm probably being a bitch right now but sorry I think you should know I set Г1up with my best friend And now their dating well great good to know I think what you're doing is hurting her and it's not ok to put this kind of pressure on her when she has really bad anxiety fine great now im just denounced as a bad friend fine i will just not do anything anymore FINE Did you Mann up Oh ok guess you're not going to respond Damn bro da fuq ur problem Guy Tries To Guilt My Friend Into Pity Dating Him