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Anaconda, Head, and Black: "This diagram will help you visualize the situation of the riddle* B C D Four men are Kidnapped by a psycho. They awake to find themselves buried in sand up to their neck (as seen in the diagram abovel. Each of them has a hat, either black or white. Person A and C have a black hat on, while person B and D have a white hat on. They are all positioned and facing just how the diagram above shows it. Each person knows the position of themselves, as well as the position of everyone else. However, they do not know the pattern of the colored hats. There is also a concrete wall in front of the faces of A and B. To clarify: - Person D sees B and C in front of him, and knows that A is behind the wall. - Person C sees B in front of him, and knows that A is behind the wall, and that D is behind himself. - Person B only sees the wall, and knows that A is behind the wall, and that C and D are behind himself. - Person A only sees the wall, and knows that B, C, and D are on the other side. The psycho says, "There are a total of 2 white hats and 2 black hats. Ifany one of you correctly says the color of your own hat, Iwill set you ALL free. If any one of you guesses the wrong color of their hat, Iwill kill all of you immediately." The four men are not allowed to speak or communicate with each other, or else they die immediately. The only exception is if one of them utters the correct color of their own hat; then they are set free. If anyone utters anything else, then they die immediately. They cannot turn their head. They also cannot look up at their own hat; only at the hats in front of them). The Question: Out of the four men, only ONE of them knows 100% sure the color of his own hat. He utters out loud that color, in which the psycho then sets all of them free. Which man is it [A, B, C, or D) and how does he knoW? <p>Something That Will Make You Think.</p>

Something That Will Make You Think.