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Alive, Bad, and Children: Mwww Cat and dog -Is a genius -Senile and -Just there to fill -Skyrockets his prices -Background cop -Might be the -Somehow has a job -Eats his way out of his misery -Won't shut up about being vegan -Accurate -Almost as -Is ok with her -Background old -Destructive for -Not sure how he annoying in the teaching -Probably has son being abused -Incredibly gullible desperate as I am -Will probably sleep with a student stereotype of attention affords all that guy -Mistreated staff -No one knows to muscle of the -Might be a genius -Is ok with sexism superpowers -Was once frozen booze cops -Hasn't aged in -Won't shut up -Is as good at his job as Homer -Has potential but three pronounce his - Gets away with against men -Will marry in a freezer -Needs a liver and about being a 30 years not sure what "He's right chief" -Has a voice that anything every time kidney transplant "Burp" -Has been abused name "suck suck" happened to him veteran cuts through my -Went to MIT "НА!" for 30 years but Millhouse "Hmm food drools" "I'm still cold" "Thank you come -Tries to be a good eardrums no one cares again" "Ay caramba" person -Would kill you for -Is a good guy -Doesn't complain -Not as enthusiastic -Has a lot of -Likes eating glue -Was probably dropped as a baby -Actually funny -Sometimes appear -Acts like a know -Sells fucked up shit -The white guy is -Should have been -Shares my -Obsessed with -Fucking annoying -Hate homer for about Christianity a penny -Was once shot by the baby parental issues -Is a wimp -Proof that if you're persistent enough, it-all to kids chief drugs -Is employed because of budget -Generic nerd enthusiasm about Lenny some reason as Ned -Went crazy once -An actual good cop -Likes golden in non-Halloween -Is a huge sellout life No character -Just asks to be -One of them is a -Talks funny -Too vanilla "Chuckles l'm in episodes showers -Somehow seen as -Sometimes a development -Some people think they're a couple bullied -Ugly enough to lesbian, the other -The ultimate evil "Okely dokely" danger" funny -Obsessed with -Thinks like he's break mirrors cuts smartass has a lizard -Alive...somehow you can get the girl -Probably the product of incest "This is Kent *Generic Jewish "Hey chief..." better than you earth -Can't escape prank phone calls "Woah" -started smoking in "Excellent" jokes "Hey hey!" Brockman" -Is probably gay vivo Dead Generic bully # 1 -Is somehow -Wasted potential -Has a thing with garden hoes -Always high on morphine -Actually not a bad physician "Hee hee" -Would work for -The Nick Riviera of dimensional -Is ok with the -Hates teaching -Somehow survives Generic bully #2 -Doesn't care about elected every time -Crazy vet Disney -The lawyer you would hire if you lawyers -Best episode of crime of Burns everything he goes through Might be immortal twins -One dimensional the children's spirit but with a child -Not sure how he -Everybody avoids him for a good because he likes -Lives with his gets away with him was the one -Obsessed with a him mother everything he does child could afford him with the donut of reason -Gay -Somehow isn't -Still better than -Fails due to plot hell tough even though he's a vet Trump conveniences -Generic bully # 3 -Only robs the quick-E-mart -The original weeb -Has a better Generic bully #4 -A good scientist -Will put out for -Works everywhere -Sells everything -A wise guy -Was a mental -Wasted potential -Secretly loves her son...maybe -Very bitter -Obvious parody is -The Jerry Smith of -A background -Probably graduated high school but with a -Once made a drill patient -Wont shut up about being anyone obvious -Talks like the Simpsons Absolutely pathetic -Might have married his sister character personality that cuts through chance at a girl Not elusive but the -Is ok with messing up her son because she's too caught up Shakespeare -Works with a "Come with me if -Mexican, but -Dated Lisa and she likes him for some than me cops can't hold on glass domes, but left it on the other "Hey buddy..." actually British you want to live" -Somehow wasn't -Owns the first to him Scottish clown "AYE AYE AYE" arrested spiderman comic "Ha Ha" reason side l only understand every third word with her husband "Hi everybody!" "HAW HAW!" "WORST -Talks funny STARTERPACK sometimes EVER" He VEK -Try to tackle everyday problems -Men stupid women -Kinda like the bee -How non-Americans -Doesn't know how to -The average "Hi I'm Troy McClure" -A major gossiper -Is a doctor and a -Fat Jack Sparrow but -As one-dimensional Remember what I said Just buys stuff -The Robert De Niro guy see Americans take responsibility -Always disappointed smart teenager -Is into BDSM lawyer without the charisma as the sea captain and that Texan -Knows how to rhyme -Always on parole -Tries to improve the community "YEA HAW!" of the Simpsons about disco stu? -How blue states see -Recent seasons try to -Hasn't had his "Won't someone think "Argh!" -A hoarder "OH YEAH! DUFFMAN" red states pass casual conversations as jokes -People now think that Apu is racist testicles dropped in 30 years "SKINNER!" of the children ?!" "GJDFJFLIJFISJADA" -Has 9 kids I think "Disco Stu..." "HEY BRANDINE" MAYOR The Simpsons characters starter pack