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America, Click, and Comfortable: Cherita) @cheer_ology Did you know that if you text 741741 when you are feeling really depressed or suicidal, a crisis worker will text with you? Many peop g on the phone and would be more comfortable texting. It's a free service run by Crisis Text Line. *Retweet" 11/29/17, 8:39 AM 78.5K Retweets 65K Likes le do not like talkin beingskinnyisntworththis: beingskinnyisntworththis: critically-yours: miseducatedmelanicmuse: flyerfemalecompanion: notoriousthuggg: miseducatedmelanicmuse: Please reblog, this is so important. I needed this Is this foreal? Yes it’s a real service. I do volunteer work for a rape crisis support service in my city and texting is one of the features we provide as well. But just to boost its credibility, I tried it myself: reblog to save lives! I actually volunteer for the Crisis Text Line and I can tell you they are all wonderful people that have extensive training and honestly just want to help. Don’t hesitate to text them, even if it’s something that seems minor, if it’s big to you they will take it seriously. I have loved my last year with them and look forward to many more years. Seriously, some of the best listeners with the biggest heats I’ve ever met. Truly amazing people. Just text LISTEN to 741741. Something I just realized I should add. The Crisis Text Line is currently working on expanding internationally but haven’t worked out the kinks quite yet. They are also working on integrating Facebook messenger and kik. If you are international there is a very similar program that I also volunteer with call I'MALIVE that is international. All you have to do is go to their website https://www.imalive.org and click on the chat now button and you’ll be connected to a real life person who will be there for you and help you work through your situation and help you find healthy coping mechanism. They are very similar and extremely well trained. Seriously amazing people. People in America can use them as well. Basically anyone. I just didn’t want to leave my international friends without a text based resource. Both the Crisis Text Line and I'MALIVE councilors are trained to handle a wide variety of situations. They are always there to help, 24/7/365 no matter what.

beingskinnyisntworththis: beingskinnyisntworththis: critically-yours: miseducatedmelanicmuse: flyerfemalecompanion: notoriousthuggg: ...

Anaconda, Bad, and Beard: Hohe t) Messenger 11:02 AM wierdest? in the world and i hope you dont get offended are you on aff? if you dont wanna answer i understand but trust me i 100% understand the need for discretion request. I'm sorry - who are you? And what is aff? adult friend finder lol No, sorry, I'm not. You've got the wrong person. well that sucks pretty bad your gorgeous Aa Horne ( 1 ) Messenger gorgeous Thanks! I don't know how you found me, but I'm not on aff the person i was looking for has a kik with same name and i been interested for a while so i figuered id try facebook becasue i could never get intouch anywhere else got really excited when i seen your pic because your very attractive Thanks - I don't have kik either. Good luck in finding whomever you're looking for! are you single? I don't know you prob not hows your labor day so くHome (1) Messenger I don't know you prob not hows your labor day so far? last? that could come over offensive would you ver date a married man? i shouldnt have asked that right away no i really have zero chance A) I don't know you. B ) you don't know me C) you don't know where I live D) absolutely I would not. a im in b id like to know you c i dont know where you live beside in nc because that would be wierd Aa く Home ( 1 ) Messenger e wier and d is it negotianable at all once you find ou im not a wierd facebook person adn i look good and have a great beard lol 1 There is absolutely no negotiation regarding whether or not I would be with a married man. The fact that you assume that's a looks-based decision speaks volumes about who you are as a person. My answer is unequivocally no. You messaged me, a stranger, on Facebook. We have never interacted or overlapped, and your Facebook is completely blank. This is the most sketchy and uncomfortable situation imaginable. Your wife should be ashamed of you Do not contact me further. Best of luck finding the person you've been trying to reach "Your wife should be ashamed." And of course...this happened on my birthday.

"Your wife should be ashamed." And of course...this happened on my birthday.