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Anaconda, Community, and Dude: A 0 points 3 hours ago The portland Saturday market is the best thing for new artists. It's a MAJOR tourist trap (free entrance) but the artists pays to rent space One of my friend's who runs out of the Saturday market is bringing home over 100,000 in profits a year after taxes Of course the Saturday market has issues too because you are essentially promoting THEM instead of YOU and there is no promise of making money, in fact a lot of people lose money... though the potential to make it is real since so many people go each and every weekend I also heard that there is a lot of drama between vendors. it's a toxic environment for some, but again.. I do know people who make 100,000 a year from doing nothing but setting up shop there B 4 points 3 hours ago Wow so much misinformation about Portland Saturday Market. I'm an artist at PSM for 12 years, no one there is pulling $100k. There's barely any toxicity between vendors, everyone gets along for the most part and is a great community of makers The Market promotes the artists. The artists promote themselves. I don't know who told you this but almost everything you stated is completely wrong and your doing a disservice to Portland, PSM and artists by spreading this misinformation continue this thread A 1 point 3 hours ago Hmmm... the Satuday market is HUGE yo. Maybe you don't talk to the high end people? And a lot of people are making 100K? I mean, I seen it.... that's weird you say such things B 4 points 3 hours ago I unaerstand you feel cornered and probably wish you never made these false statements, trying to look cool or get attention or whatever else you're looking for, but just stop. You obviously know absolutely nothing about the Market. A 0 points 2 hours ago Umm? Yeah. I don't know yo I'm really thinking now and a semi- good friend of mine really does make 100K and two others do also And the toxic environments is from the competitive nature of the "first come first serve" Also... no matter what you do If you are in a partnership with another company. You are in fact promoting THEM. The only way to promote YOURSELF is if you have your own store front. Does that make sense? Yeah. I keep thinking about it, trust me l am shocked too but I can't deny what I have been told People are making 100K there! B 2 points 2 hours ago Who are these so-called friends of yours? What's their PSM business name? I'll gladly chat with them tomorrow about your claims and we can find out who's full of shit A 0 points 2 hours ago Well obviously so you can not just be telling people your incomeswould you tell me your name and your income?I mean... come on Me telling you their names would be a huge breach of personal informati Maybe you should make more friends? Maybe no one is telling you that they are making 100K because they know you are not? B 3 points 2 hours ago Thank you. We already know who is full of shit here A 0 points 2 hours ago Dude. No Please tell me if said dude is not making 100K. I mean.. I seen it. So, if truly no one is making 100K i'm going to be pissed Because... Dude is a pretty great liar, B 1 point 5 minutes ago I just figured out who you are from your Instagram. Weren't you allegedly going blind? You deleted your social media accounts awhile ago and here you are now, acting like your some artist who knows everything. You ked going blind for what, attent work out so well and here you are at it again Holy shit you are really screwed up in the head, eh? This is some prime r/quityourbullshit stuff right here Fake artist gets called out by real artist