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Candy, Life, and Love: HOW TOM AKEA RAW VEBAN REESESCUP NA RAW VEGAN QUICK EAST DELIGIOUS SOY FUCKERY FREE BENEVOLENT BLIZ InshOb @Regran_ed from @benevolent_blizz - You may not have ever even heard of dates, and if you did you may have thought it was just a healthiersweetener which it is, it should be your main go to sweetener ‼️👁... But you may have not known dates are a superfood as well‼️💪... They are mineralrich including iron magnesium potassium and also great source of fiber ‼️🙌... Dates have been around for thousands of years‼️💪... So if you didn't know don't trip I didn't for the vast majority of my life, but now you know, and knowing is half the battle‼️👁... One of my favorite go to super quick and easy, delicious and nutritious snack ideas is stuffeddates ‼️😋... Simply stuff dates with raw nut butter of choice, and a Reese's wish it tasted like raw cashew butter and date‼️😎... Raw nut butters like cashew almond and coconut are great sources of healthyfat for you and your children's developing brain, as well as good sources of protein ‼️💪... This plantbased snack idea is well rounded with protein, carbs, healthy fat, fiber and gives you an energyboost all while tasting like candy‼️🙌.... For nut allergies try a nut free butter like pumpkin seed or sunflower seed butter‼️👁.... love always,.. benevolentblizz ..... healthiswealth italisvital vegan rawvegan veganrecipes foodismedicine 5hourenergy wholistic vegansnackideas medjooldates healthierchoices healthytreats knowledgeispower