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Adele, Ariana Grande, and Beyonce: Where y'all want to put Rihanna. Eric" calls this area"Upper Echelon Can't Sing Where I'm arguing Rihanna belongs. Ariana Grande Whitney Houston Aretha Franklin Anita Baker Mariah Carey Beyonce Patti Labelle Jazmine Sullivan KeKe Wyat Keri Hilson SZA Ciara ill Scott Solange Monica Alicia Keys after the braids Fantasla Brandy Cassie Diana Ross lol Kehlani Taylor Swift Tamia Janet Jackson Jhene Aiko Britney Spears Adele (sometimes) Kelis Erica Mena Can "SANG" Can Sing Can Not beyonslayed: c-bassmeow: beyonslayed: c-bassmeow: florencelovesyou: beyonslayed: p-l-e-a-s-e wow Velvety Kelis behind Janet Whispering-Mouse Jackson?  Adele Brandy (vocally) wtf  Cassie, although I love her, should be dead last. Name me one song where she holds a note longer than two milliseconds. CANT Adele WHO????????? I don’t even like Adele but i have ears that work and Brandy’s delicate flower petal voice would collapse under the pressure of Rolling In the Deep SORRY  Brandy Norwood who was trained by and is only second to Whitney Houston herself would collapse under who? Yawndele has nowhere near the control that Brandy does ok now this convo is going to change. Second to whitney houston? so you’re saying that Brandy is better then Beyonce and Mariah Carey?!?!?!? WHAT ?!?!?! am I reading things correctly do words have meaning i had a stroke is this sarcasm help me 

beyonslayed: c-bassmeow: beyonslayed: c-bassmeow: florencelovesyou: beyonslayed: p-l-e-a-s-e wow Velvety Kelis behind Janet Whispering...

Bad, Birthday, and Butt: FIND YOUR YA BOOK TITLE and MONTH YO U WERE BORN YOUR LAST NAME LAST LETTER O F DAY OF YOUR BIRTHDAY 1 Other Loose Ends 2 Other Things Im Over 3 Other Lies I've Believed 30 Other Fatal Circumstances 4 Other Big, Round Things 31 Other Skullduggeries 5 Other Things I Can't Have 6 Other Lies Ive Told 7 - Other Statistical Improbabilities 8 Other Signs of the End of the World 9 Other Things the Fairies Stole 10 Other Impossible Ordeals 11- Other Signs of Vampirism 12 Other Inexplicable Phenomenon 13 Other Things That Nearly Killed Me 14 Other Reasons No One Will Talk To Me 15 Other Holes in the Fabric of the Universe 16 Other Things That Are Better In Space 17 Other Natural Disasters 18 Other Reasons I'm Banned From the Library 19 Other Reasons I Have To Leave the Country 20 Other Things That Should Happen At Midnight 21 Other Side Effects of Being 16 22 Other Intangible Things 23 Other Peculiar Melancholies 24- Other Steps to Madness 25 Other Alternatives to Necromancy 28 Other Bad Ideas 29- Other Royal Bastards January: A The Sun B Planets C Evil Plots D Fairy Princes E Fate F- The Statue of Liberty G My Butt H- Nikola Tesla I The End of the World J- The Universe K Book Club L Tarot Cards M Assassins N Frida Kahlo O Spies P - Dirty, Rotten Lies Q Rainy Saturdays R Hate S Liberty T- Vampires U-Boyfriends V Girlfriends W- Wizards X- Ping-Pong Y - Totalitarian Regimes 26 Other Unspeakable Evils Z Karl Marx Love Boys Girls Honor Roll February: March: April: May: June July: August: September October November Happy Endings Macchiatos Boy Bands Summertime Cake French Kissing Popularity Chemistry December: 27 Other Unbreakable Laws of Nature basic-banshee: bookporn: I’m still laughing with mine XD via Drunk Austen on Facebook Honour Roll, Planets, and Other Things That Nearly Killed Me.