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Google, Inception, and Internet: How to be a Google Power user Search engines are the backbone of everyday internet use, but are you aware of the hidden tips and tricks available to improve your searchi Here are some pointers thatll save you Googling how to Google Search operators Here's how to get the most out of your everyday Google searches. Search exact phrases If you're looking for an exact phrase, use quotation marks let them eat cake" Exclude a word Add a dash before a word to exclude a search term. This is useful if you are searching for a word with several meanings -search inception-movie 0 Search within a site site: " domain recipes site:theguardian.com Search similar related: Find sites with similar content to a URL you already know related:visual.ly Search for words in text Find pages where the all terms appear in the text allintext: holidays hot bargain Find pages where the one term appears in the text, and other terms appear elsewhere in the document (eg title or URL) john lennon i Search for words in title allintitle: Find pages whose title contains all words in the search allintitle: the big lebowski review Find pages whose tide contains a particular word in the titie, with other terms appearing elsewhere in the document (e g in the text or URL) intitle: flu shot intitle:help Search for and pages wth the search query n the URI allinurl: allinurl: bbc news Find news related to a particular location Use this on Google News to find stories coming from a particular location location prince george location:auckland Search for a particular filetype filetype:suffix Google will restrict results to pages that end in suffix annual report 2014 filetype:pdf Search for a number range Separate numbers by two periods to see results that contain numbers in the given range dsir $300. $500 au find the ng word in a pra there is a*that never goes Either word if you want to find pages with one of several words, use a capitalizec OR Without OR results would show pages that include all the terms OR olympics 2012 OR 2016 <p>The Best Way To Search On Google.</p>

The Best Way To Search On Google.