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Anaconda, Club, and cnn.com: THE DEBT OF THE WORLD So the world is in debt but to whom? National Debt by Country CERMANY:62.6% 179 TRICLION RUSSIA: 6.8% 151.3 BILLION CANADA: 62.3% 4.26 BILLION UK: 47.2% 1.05 TRILLION 170.4% 7A7 TRILLION FRANCE: 67.0% 140 TRILLION USA: 60.8% $8.68 TRILLION ITALY: 103.7% $1.89 TRILLION $2.55 TRILLION ZIMBABWE: 241.2% 472 S1 BILLION ARGENTINA: 51% $293.56 BILLION 91.% 71%。90% 57%·70% %-50% % , 30% 0%-10% N THE BLACK N THE RED PERCENT OF TOTAL GDP There are total of FIVE countries living debt free Macao British Virgin Islands Brunei Liechtenstein Palau So this leads to a question: CNN JUST SAID THE WORLD IS FORTY TRILLION DOLLARS IN DEBT. O THE DOES THEWORLD OWE? JUPITER? To summ this up the world is in debt, you guessed it, to banks. Banks generate money from thin air. Let me show you a carricated example: I have an A4 paper in front of me that is blank and in my pocket I have my wallet where there is $100 written on a piece of A4 paper Then you come to me and ask for $100 loan. I reach to my wallet and give you the $100 that I had. Then I take a pen and write $100 on that paper in front of me, tear it off and put it back into my wallet Now I still have $100 but you have to pay me back that $100 I gave you+ a certain amount of interest. So l actually just made $100+ the interest. AND THIS IS HOW EVERY BANK WORKS So, if the world is in debt to banks who then owns the banks? The Rockefellers and the Rothschilds have the most influence and money in the world. And they do own basically all the private banks. So there you go. The world is in debt to TWO FAMILIES. Sources: http://www 2 pdf <p><a href="http://laughoutloud-club.tumblr.com/post/170400350601/so-who-is-the-world-in-debt-to" class="tumblr_blog">laughoutloud-club</a>:</p> <blockquote><p>So Who Is The World In Debt To?</p></blockquote>

laughoutloud-club: So Who Is The World In Debt To?

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"Hey baby. Let me show you how I can save you 15% or more on car insurance."