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Dude, Facts, and I Bet: 12 hrs Now I hope all dumbies realize. RUSSIA DID NOT RIG THE 2016 Election!!! If ya don't believe me. Go listen to the Ex. FBl director.under oath. In front of Senate panel. (Even though, He's a damn liar. And a political hack!) Now. Carry on! EE P.s. Let's discuss policies. Not conspiracies!! Like -Comment ·Share 4 zombies have no ears for the truth, or any other opinion.regardless! Like Reply- 1-11 hrs id any of you actually watch it or are you just letting Brietbart tell you what to think? Like Reply 38 mins Edited No l spent two hours of my time watching comey lie a little and then destroy the liberal Tarrative with the truth. I bet you didn't watch it though. Like Reply 39 mins Wait so Comey is liar that tells the truth? Which is it? Like Reply - 36 mins He lied to the American people about Hillary's email probe. Lied to the President about telling him hes not apart of the investigation. Mislead the American Public. Only when confronted by Congress who have classified clearance did he tell the truth. And tell the American people.. the truth... Just like he told the President. That he wasn't being investigated Like Reply 26 mins i feel sorry for you. I wonder when your going to wake up and smell the roses.. Your just so far gone into madness its pathetic. So how about you do yourself a favor. Disappear like Hillary. Then you can come back blame the democrat party, the Russians, and the American people Like Reply 25 mins Edited So you believe people you think are liars - is that what you're saying? Like Reply 23 mins Edited he's proven to be a liar. You should know. I'm sure you and ur liberal buddies were calling him vile when he came out against Hillary. And changed ur tune when you thought he was investigating the President. Like Reply 13 mins So according to you: he's proven to be a liar but you believe him. Like Reply 12 mins he's proven to be a liar. Unti he had to provide facts This is even low for you. Dude get a new political party. Or ideology Like Reply 11 mins You win the gold medal in mental gymnastics. Congrats Like Reply 6 mins you could win a noble peace prize in ignorance. Like Reply 4 mins Write a reply.. memehumor: Go listen to him… even if he’s a liar and political hack!

memehumor: Go listen to him… even if he’s a liar and political hack!