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Af, America, and Bailey Jay: THE MOST FAMOUS PIRATES #16 HAYREDDIN BARBAROSSA century, but was forced to flee the Eastern Mecitetraneanober b kingthe wrong candidate for sultan Hebecame known as Barbrossa n Europe, a nane he inhenited from hisder her Orug Reis after he was klied in a battle with the Spanish in Algeria. Becoming aplrate, his enemies took his base leaing him homeless once agaln. Tired of and started one for himself the Regency of Nigiers (presene-day geria, Turiva and parts ef Moraccal He did this by pledging alince to the Oioman sultan and getting in return enough ships and we Sattle of Preveza153 using his fleet of 122 ships, Barbarossa retired ossa Hayneddin Pasha died in 1546 in his seaside pslace in Istenbul #17 KLAUS STÖRTEBEKER nd Sweden to fight the Danish and supply the be ieged Swecish ca pital Stodholm with provis ons After the end of the war the Victus and named themselves "Likedeelers.A large number of myths andle withone gup'in ldGemun.The moniker refers to the pirate's ability o empty a four-tie mug of beer in ore guip Stortebeker entered Brothers from the Batic island of Godand, where they had set up a ed by Simon of Utrecht caught up wh Stortebeker's foroe near Hel ed by a trafor who cast molten lead into the Iniks which held the ker offered a chain of goldlong enough toenclose the whoke of Ham bung in eochange for his lfe and freedon, However Stortebeker and all his 73 corepanions were sentenced to death It is said that Storte beler asked the mayor of Hamburg to release however many of his companions he could walk past after being beheaded The rather rs alegedly çot up and walked pest twelve of hls compenions before the #18 CHING SHIH lso knownan ChengISn.Ching Shih s not only the most successful fal female pianes sheis a'se the mest fascinating She gained eqa her adopted son, Cheung Po Tsal the captain of her fleet lwhich oqualed that of al the other nost successtul pisanes combinedi Beau hips wth 80 000 men,androbbed andtaoond towns, plundering ships long the coast of the South China Sea all the whleenfaring a strict code of conduct upon har men. She also mamed her adopted son eother hand, were able to keep their riches and were given military jobs She livedout her63 years incharge of a casiho and brothel wih plundened Spanish chies oft tha coast of Florida, gving him tha nick name El Draque or Dace (the Drgonm). Most famous of his con- quest wene on the port af Nombe de Diosin 1572 and ports of Sando Oomingo and Cartagens in 1585 King Philp I was said to huwe offe- red a reward for his capture or deah of 23.000 ducats, about E$6S mlion by modem standards Healso saled to North America and cla- ned new landon the Pacifc coast for Queen Elizabeth becoming the successfulEngish colonists af Roancke bland off the coast of the Ca oins and gree them pasage to England wbound his wisel After an Bustrious creer Dake died off the coast of Fanama to something as #20 HENRY MORGAN The Wakh Captain Henry Margan is one of the mest amous pirtes buit ha neputation as a piate when he plundered Santiago De Cb Worgan became the beed of the Jamalcan feet and successfully un hy Panama City with thirty sips and 1.200 men,aquring his largest plunder yet.it was dlue to his aid on Panama City that he was anested him ล5 deputy govermor of Jamaica There, he lived a very welespec. SORRY FOR LONG POST HERE'S A PIRATE POTATO HAVE A NICE DAY) The Most Famous Pirates - Part 4