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4chan, Bad, and Fuck You: Regarding ADL one Submited 3 hours ago bysloth on meth Moderator-not felix, brad or stve announcement THE ADL BLACKMAIL STUFF IS A HOAX STARTED BY 4CHAN TO TRY AND SPARK CONTROVERSY. (all opinions/statements are mine) Hi. 4Chan and other alt-right groups are spending a lot of time and effort trying to start some conspiracy theories about adl 'blackmailing' felix to donate them $50,000, which is completely false. here and here are some of the 4chan posts trying to start this raid /hoax. Please stop spamming the subreddit/ youtube comment section about this. I'm assuming the reason the comments on youtube are being deleted is because people are spamming the same comments /terms over and over and over again, leading the anti spam algonithim to believe it's a massive spam attack. Felix donated to ADL. he is not controlled by, employed by or in any other way affiliated with the ADL TL:DR: alt-right trolls are trying to stir up yet another shitstorm. please don't give them what they want.. Thomas mad byarda wp in dankmemes oth meth score hidden) s days sgn aticloed comment this post has been removed as it became a nazi shitfest. fuck nazis, fuck the alt right, and fuck you if you think being a transphobic cunt is cool. (not aimed at OP, the comments were way, way worse than the pose Clearly a far-left political activist permalink save context full comments (520) anyone else here a lolicon? by beechassneegger in PendiepieSubmissions sloth onmeth 2 pointe 3 deys ge This post is not banned or Ty pemalinkave context full commentemoved, user is not banned. The Post itself is 2D Child Porn. 1-1 sloth on meth (M) O points 13 days ago Thank you for submitting to /r/pewdiepiesubmissions, /u/hepikitty. Unfortunately, your submission, its not even diamond smh, has been removed for the following reason(s): But he's quick to remove posts that break the least damning rule? Rule 1: Please adhere to reddit's content policy. Asking for upvotes is against reddit rules. This rainforest provides us with 1/5 of our oxygen, and it's about to be destroyed!!! by [deleted] in dankmemes -sloth an meth (M (acor hidden] 20 days aga-sticlkied comment This meme has been removed as it's not funny. These memes are the gateway to "LIKE AND SHARE" memes to "spread awareness And he'll happly remove a meme because he thinks it's bad. permalink save cantext Full comments (315) TL;DR A potential Pedo mod who has a very clear political bias is the one banning all discussion of the ADL that he can get away with, and saying all criticism is a 4chan raid. TCH CLUTCH @SHBGAP 0:22/0:55 THE SUBGAP IS NOW 300,000! #SUBSCRIBETOPEWDIEPIE Sloth On Meth Subscribe 2.9K 16,500 views 756 41 +Add to I41 ...More Share Can we even trust sloth on meth? because i've seen him do some really questionable things