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Holy moly. | 19 Posts That'll Make You Say "Fucking Whoa" goo cocoon: trustedwings tumblr Follow adventureisouttheremydear So like do caterpillars know that they re gonna be butterflies or do they just build the cacoon and be like wtf am l doing frauleinninja this post has fucked me up more than any other on this site trustedwings Okay but no, do you understand what happens to a caterpillar once it's in its cocoon? It completely turns into goo. That's right, GOO. The damn thing dissolves and the reforms into the butterfly. Even crazier, the wings of the butterfly are already inside the caterpillar, ready to go, just waiting to float around in some goo and then be a beautiful butterfly. The craziest part?!? A study was done where some caterpillars were exposed to a certain smell and then given an electric shock so eventually the caterpillar associated the smell with the shock. Well after those little hairy noodles came out of the their cocoons as butterflies, they exposed them to the smell again and the butterflies reacted super negatively, as if they were being shocked. A.K.A. not only is there wings floating around in that goo cocoon, there is also a brain, the same, unaltered brain as the caterpillar. The butterfly can recall its days as a caterpillar even after basically being turned into soup. And then it all somehow gets its shit together to be a stupid majestic little beast, and I can't even remember where l put my damn phone Source:lumpiagirl Holy moly. | 19 Posts That'll Make You Say "Fucking Whoa" goo cocoon