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America, Be Like, and Bless Up: Kirk, a female Border Collie, watching herself win the 2017 Purina Pro Challenge. DOG PLAN p3 Ain’t I been told y’all?! BYOBC. No, not bring your own bottle - bring ya own is bottle is cancelled stop drinking so damn much and enjoy the Thai food without the liquor cot dammit that curry is delicious on its own without the merlot but lemme not start, that’s for another day lmao. BYOBC mean Be Ya Own Biggest Cheerleader. U feel me? Always. Celebrate ya own success. Motivate YOURSELF. Ultimately among friends but even among family u gon have people cheering for you buuuuuuut NOT really cheering for u 😂. This ain’t bc they evil! They might be - like some of them - but mainly they probably just a lil tight that they ain’t having success like u. U feel me? That’s why u gotta watch out sometimes about bragging about ya accomplishments all on Facebook and LinkedIn like “truly humbled to humbly be awarded the 40 Under 40 in My [Extremely Specific Field of Work] in [Oddly Specific Geographic Region]”. U really humble bc u seem hella braggadocious right now no shots lol. Just keep some of that inside and be thankful to God and celebrate with yourself not bc u the sh!t but because u know that out of all the people that God could have rewarded for they hard work he chose you. “But smash I work 10x harder than all my friends, I deserve my success!” No. U deserve nothing. It’s Filipino workmen in Dubai right now building buildings in 120 degree heat to make a lil scratch to send home. THEY work harder than u. It’s just that u was born in America and they was born in the Philippines u get me! That’s why every time I pull an all nighter for work on a transaction, I remember that but for the Grace of God, I could be in Dubai on the 98th floor of a building working myself to death. May God always make us thankful and may he reward our hard work. Be ya own cheerleader beloveds! Bless up ❤️