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Children, Community, and Drugs: We may be gay, but we're just like you 0 We're monogamous and have adopted children! We're the perfect nuclear family! 0 Ionly work part time sol can take care of the kids! We're white and middle class and completely non-threatenina! S: I have "completely transitioned using just the money l earned (at my dad's ob)!You don't need to worry about your tax dollars! He's straight, too! It's almost like he's not LGBT at all And we want the same privileges as every other GOOD, AMERICAN Citizen! What about us? LAS Even if same-gender parents are accepted that doesn't stop people from accusing me of wanting kids to get on welfare! I'm frequently harassed and arrested violently on the assumption that I'm in the sex industry I'm homeless and extremely vulnerable. I'm often denied entrance to shelters because I'm open about my sexuality and the stress of homelessness is only amplified by my Autism. Colonists not only destroyed my openly gender variant culture, but my way of life,too! 'm accused of stealing American culture and jobs, but I'm just trying to survive! I'm a victim of the War on Drugs and School to Prison Pipeline.Being in such high contact with our oppressive societal Be included in a society that thinks I'm a burden and makes it more difficult for me to live my life at every turn No thanks systems makes me even more vulnerable to violence Hey keep it down! How are we supposed to help the LGBT community with you making so much noise? TO an everyday feminism comic Visit us at: everydayfeminism.com Written and drawn by Ronnie Ritchie queerheathen: theskaldspeaks: queerheathen: rosalarian: rritchiearts: Check this comic and others out on Everyday Feminism! Transcripts of the comic available at the above link. Webcomic | Twitter | Patreon | Prints Be aware of your Pride and what exactly it is you’re proud of and who you’re throwing under the bus to get that pride. Love this minus the “It’s almost like he’s not LGBT at all” That’s the point though- it’s calling out assimilationism and respectability politics and how the mainstream gay rights movement panders to cishet expectations while throwing the rest of us under the bus. Ok, I get it now, thanks