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One Does Not Simply Discuss The Sims In Public: but I can't stop the child servicea from them away befor Do you know any way to force 2 teens to have a baby? I hate how they made it so that you can't kill pregnant women llove my current fama 9 of orgot to feed my childre again and child services took them off me, but that's ok I'm SIMS She couldn't get past a plate on the ground, so she ended up piasing out in a puddle of My wife starts a huge fire every night she Icheated on my wife and What happens if just kill her? keep her locked in a room with no natural light and force her to make paintings all day o lcan sell them What? No,ljust let her ery until she pisses herself I think it's fun to set m put a bookcase in front of the SIMS Iput a toilet in the kitchen and she still pees on the My husband fucked my sister and then high fived me until I forgave him to have twins but there are too many people living in my house Aw man, wicked party last night Someone set a firework off insade and it set fire to the rug. Bout 10 people burned to death, now I have all these goddamn graves all over my SIMS l used to enjoy drowning thens in the pool, but now when I take the ladders they don drown, they just climb the family finances.焞1 walled up her rooms。 she'd starve. I made sure that there was a window from her room to the family dining table o she could watch them eat while they could atch her die I made him to look like Leo, and never gave him an oscar One Does Not Simply Discuss The Sims In Public