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Ash, Children, and Complex: The call Around 4:00am there was a call at a local fire station in Pensacola Florida. When they heard an answer they heard the screams of many people and the sound of crackling fire. The fireman yelled in astonishment for the person to tell them their location right away. They heard not just one person using the phone but everyone they heard screaming before answering in unison "1242 Westbrooke apartment complex D" The firefighters all rushed over and looked in astonishment as the apartment complex was completely unharmed. Thoy took a precaution and evacuated everyone from the complex. Grumpy and groggy the people living inside took their pets and children and waited outside. The firefighters did a clean run-through of the apartment. But before the chief firefighter was about to release the waiting owners an explosion on the lower part of the complex occurred. Flames started appoaring rapidly in all of the windows and the apartment siowly began to turn to ash and cinders. Upon further inspection they found a gas pipe had ruptured and was ignited by a water heaters flame. The firefighters were shocked when they saw what occurred and remembered the call. When they tried to contact the number again to thank the caller...they only recieved the following response "Were sorry this number no longer exists perhaps you dialed a wrong number..please hang up or try the number again...and thank you for saving them." Wholesome CreepyPasta

Wholesome CreepyPasta

9/11, America, and Future: CONACT Hewstips@deanews.com or 237-2100 0AHS PIONEER ING FAPKR SENCE Deseret News 1S5 INDEX sofiee WEB ADDRESS ees http://www.deseretnews.com 151ST YEAR/NO 90 Utah's locally owned daily newspaper SALT LAKE CITY,UTAH America under attack AV SEPTMS 2 Jetliners smash into Trade Center Assodated Press NEW YORK-In one of the most horrifying attacks ever against the United States, ter rorists crashed two airliners into the World Trade Center in a deadly series of blows Tues- day that brought down the twin 110-story towers. In another attack, the Penta- gon took a direct, devastating hit from another aircraft, and the enduring symbols of Ameri can power were evacuated Tuesday as the terrorism quickly spread fear and chaos in the nation's capital President Bush ordered the Web extra FOR MORE ON THISSTORY www.deseretnows.com nation's amilitary to "high-alert a Oved to hunt down and punish those respon- sible" for the attacks in Wash- ington and New York. In a fourth incident, a United Airlines jetliner crashed Tues- day morning in western Penn- sylvania, the airline said. Min- utes earlier, a man who said he was a passenger on the plane told an emergency dispatcher in a cell phone call: "We are being hijacked, hijacked!" United said 45 people were aboard Flight 93 from Newark N.J, to San Francisco. The Boeing 757 crashed north of Somerset County airport, about 80 miles southeast of Pitts- burgh. The president was in Florida at the time of the attacks and was flown at midday to the safety of a military installation, Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana. The top leaders of Congress were led to the safety of an undisclosed location, and military aircraft were reported patrolling the skies above the capital Thousands could be dead or injured in Manhattan, a high- ranking New York City police official said, speaking on condi- tion of anonymity Authorities had been trying to evacuate those who work in the twin towers when the glass- and-steel skyscrapers came down in a thunderous roar within about 90 minutes after the crashes, which took place minutes apart around 9 a.m EDT. But many people were thought to have been trapped. About 50,000people work at the Trade Center and tens of thousands of others visit each day. we are being A jetliner, at right, is seen in a TV image as it veers to crash into a tower of the World Trade Center. About 20 minutes earlier, another plane struck and set the other tower ab n D SIDENTS Above, people near New York's St. Patrick's Cathedral react to the collapse of the World Trade Center. Right, President Bush bows his head in a moment of silence after planes crashed into the Trade Center. Please see ATTACK on A4 Worst Games scenario is now worse security. Particularly, he said it will probably take a lot longer to get on an airplane in the future Roger Davies, director of Hazard- Management Solutions Ltd. in the United Kingdom, said Tuesday morning at the conference it is to0 early to learn any lessons. More needs to be learned about what hap- pened and how before solutions can be made and lessons learned, he Powers said Tuesday's tragedy had to have a huge number of people involved. He said he doesn't know how that many people were able to penetrate national and local security systems and why they weren't detect- ed. While terrorist attacks can't be 100 percent prevented, Powers said it was the magnitude of this attack that surprised him. Powers said the nation should expect to see a huge inerease in "Such a notion is not nearly as remote today as it was yesterday," said John Powers, who served as executive director of the President's Commission on Critical Infrastruc- ture Protection from 1996 to 1998 Powers was one of several speakers at the Jane's Facility Security Con- ference at the West Coast Hotel on Tuesday in Salt Lake City "The thing that surprises me is that this was not picked up by our intelligence agency," Powers said. ably does.... "I don't think you can predict whether this will happen in Febru- ary or not," Kennedy said. "I think we've put together an excellent plan to detect if it will happen." But Tuesday's attacks still raise the stakes on Olympic security. Where in the past, many Olympic planners tried to downplay such a threat striking the Olympics, the pos- sibly was suddenly pushed to the forefront. By Derek Jensen Deseret News staff writer ANSAS Utah's Olympic security planners said Tuesday the attacks on the country's financial and political cap- itals highlight the potential for an airborne attack on Utah's capital during the 2002 Winter Games. "Does this change an airborne threat during the Olympics?" said TJ. Kennedy, who is in charge of Utah's aviation security plan for the Games, "The answer is yeah, it prob- ous Please see OLYMPICS on A4 STATES UNTED (3) PR ASSOCIATED PRESS lty 7Oth St Suite 170 KS 66210 Cefes9)0192 W 888.220.098s bettenmovewwithplatinum.com ASSOCIATED PRESS 3/- ASSOCIATED PRESS My parents found this newspaper from 9/11 packed away in a box.

My parents found this newspaper from 9/11 packed away in a box.