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America, Children, and Dad: A Los Angeles Times Times latimes Puerto Rico is closing 184 public schools amid the territory's economic crisis lat.ms/2q7Kfwr 5/6/17, 9:40 AM SinglePayer @puzzleshifter That's a funny way to spell, "Puerto Rico forced to close 184 public schools so US hedge fund owning politicians can cash in their stocks" The Associated Press Φ @AP Puerto Rico to close 184 public schools in move expected to save millions of dollars amid a deep economic crisis. apne.ws/ 2qljnA8 5/5/17, 10:26 AM mikkeneko: wadafuqreally: airyairyquitecontrary: spoopysalt: whisperoceans: this is fantastic now children in Puerto Rico wont be able to receive the education they deserve thanks to their messed up government Its even worse than that. I’m living through it. Not only are schools closing, hospitals are collapsing. Only around 9% of the island has electricity and it comes and goes at times. People are dying in hospitals because of lack of diesel for the generators, a lot of the water is now infected, there are disease outbreaks and scareceness of food. I am safe, but many are not. Some have water, others don’t. We need help. Sending money would be helpful but what would help even more would be sending water filters, filtering water bottles, food, medicine, if somehow possible diesel. All of you reblogging this news helps, but what we need is physical help. If you can’t, then spread the word, but God if you can send supplies… Please… PLEASE do. We are dying. Help us, help us save ourselves. Help us save our people. Help us save out ISLAND. If you’re not in a position to ship or transport useful items to the island (which is sure as heck the case for me in New Zealand) then the best thing you can do is give money to a reputable relief organisation operating in the area. Hispanic Federation UNIDOS fundraising page for Puerto Rico. Choose the fundraiser you want from the dropdown menu in the “Your Information” section (as you can see from the picture they have several). Save the Children’s Hurricane Maria fundraising page. Reblogging You know, every time Puerto Rico comes up I’m reminded of a comment my dad made in a discussion about it, in response to someone claiming that the PR situation is terrible but oh well, what can we do? They’re SO far away after all and the logistic problems are SO hard. He said, “When the Soviets blockaded the city of Berlin in 1948, America flew in to West Berlin enough supplies to keep the city going by airdrop for over a year. Puerto Rico today isn’t much bigger than Berlin was then, and America has grown immensely in wealth and power since that day. The problem isn’t lack of resources, it’s lack of will.” Nothing about what’s happening to Puerto Rico (and still happening) is inevitable in any way. This is deliberate. Don’t forget it.

mikkeneko: wadafuqreally: airyairyquitecontrary: spoopysalt: whisperoceans: this is fantastic now children in Puerto Rico wont be able to...