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Ass, Bad, and Bodies : invested to much into this topic so I shall keep it short. O 51% O 51% O 51% erizon Verizon 9:00 AM Verizon 9:00 AM 9:01 AM she wants to write lyrics that will appeal more to a female demographic? Maybe she wants to promote female musicians in a male dominated I don't need to know her situation to speculate on why she made this post, for all I know she invited a dude over If their goal particular genre that was male dominated, wouldn't that be a pretty petty motivation to begin with? I can't have a band with a penis because then people will think it's the penis carrying us. the LA underground music scene isn't exactly profit driven so what else is there? I can think of some great bands that are all female that don't have that air was to persevere in June 11 at 12:14 AM n as someone a to a garage once and got raped and is now forever mistrusting of men. My point is simply that it's different if an all girl band happens organically, through friends of friends, but if you're in need of a bass player and you're excluding half the local populus just so you can look for someone to match your brand then you're priorities probably aren't musical. who has played with both men and women...sometim Where are all my female bass players, genre? Who the hell cares? My point is you're sure taking a lot of time and effort to try and tear this random stranger down for choosing to do what she wants. Its her fucking band man, not yours. Your need to dictate what she should or shouldn't do with it is almost as bad as those assholes trying to tell women what to do with es women just want to play with women, simple as that. No need to dig in deeper like you know this complete strangers situation. Don't get your panties in a bunch. Burbank area?? Like Share Like More on Tue of femininity-forwardness like Psychotic Scum, who are just good people playing good music, but I doubt they sought each other out by only recruiting women. their bodies. Its nobodies business but hers and her in what possible scenario would someone who's Like More on Tue Really, you care more about image than finding a talented bassist? What sort of musician future female bandmates looking for a bassist also need that bassist to have a vagina? Say you're just looking for a bass teacher, how does her being female benefit the situation? Is there some underlying generalization that male musicians are harder to Like More on Tue Sometimes people simply prefer the company of the same gender. When my boyfriend wants to play video games with the guys I don't have a hissy fit about it not being female inclusive even though I may be better than some of his friends. I just assume he wants the company of males and don't question it. Sometimes he plays with me and that's alright too. Maybe she wants to write lyrics that prioritizes sex over ability? Sounds like some pseudo-Riot Grrrl bullshit where you're trying to front as models, like a boy band. also I've put I'm just worried about the detriment to a subculture that more effort into this convo than cared to so no need for a long ass rebuttle. Keep it short and Sweet sort of shaped who I am. I worry for this C audience and what it may inspire, which is why I responded at al work with or is this just an indicator that this Christine feels uncomfortable around Like More on Tue men, in which case She's just perpetuating the idea that any male musicians are harder to Like on Tue More Like More on Tue work with. an I too have invested to much into this top en replied 7 replies Incel โ€œpunkโ€ throws a hissy fit