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Understanding stack traces is an art: Justin Kaufman @JUSTINMKAUFMAN I remember when I first started coding, looking at stack traces like this thinking, "I'll never understand what this means." Ten years later, I still have no idea what it means. But look at me now! Justin Kaufman's iPhone 11 Pro Max Running NumberTwo on Justin Kaul man's iPhone 11 Pro Max Unity-Phone NumberTwo UnityGfuDeviceworker (35)) 3:CreateRenderPipeline NumberTwo:CreateRende rPipeline): 8x101c552e4 <+: Background JobWorker O (17 Bsckground JobWorker 1 (18) Background Job.Worker 2 (19 Background Job.Worker 3 (20 Background Job.Worker 4 (21) Background Job.Worker 5 (22) Background Job.Worker 6 (2 3 Background JobWorker 7 (24) Background Job.Worker 8 (25) Background Job.Worker 9 (26 Background JobWorker 10 (27) Beckground JebWerker 11 (28) Background Job.Worker 12 t29) x28, x27, Esp, 8-x601 x26, x25, sp, #ex10) x24, x23, [sp, ex28] 22, x21, sp, x303 x28, x19, tsp, aex48] x29, x3e, tsp, a0x50] x29, sp, #@x5e sp. sp, #0x368 x25, xe stp ex101c552e8 <4 8x101c552e0 48 stp ex101c552fe +12>: stp 8x181c55214 <+16 êx1eic552f8 +2>: 8x101c552fc +24? 8x181c55380 <+28>: i8x5e ;8x360 add sub ex101c55384<+32>: ex101c55388 <+36: x8, 6023 x8, [x8, sex2e0] 11 adrp ldr ex101c55310 <+44 13 ldr x8, [x8) x8. [x29, -8x581 x101c55318<+52 ex101e5531e <+563 x8, [x251 x8, ex181e553e4 x8, [x25, aex8) x8, x101c553e w8, tx25, 0x2a x8, [sp, #ex8] ax101e3fcfe 15 +2563 at puProgramsMetal.m ebz Background Job.Worker 13 (30) Background Job.Worker 14 C31) ex101c55320 +68>: ldr +256 at puProgramsMetal.mm 8x101c55324 <+6: cbz Background JobWorker 15 (32) ldrh 10 8x181c55328 +68>: 8x101c5532c +72 ex101c55330 +76 BatchDeleteObjects (33) Loading AsyneRead (34) UnityOfxDeviceWorker (35) 20 str : ::GetMe tal0fxDeviceCoret) at GfxDeviceMetal.mm:4101: 13 b1 21 w8, [x25, ex28 x9, [xe, #ex4818] x8, tx9, x8, 1sl #3] ldrt 22 ex101c55338 <+84): êxieic5533c +88> ex101c55340 t92> ex101c55344 96 0 lidb unnamed symbol267755 1dr 24 1db unnamed symbol2729ss. ldur x9, [x8, #exe x18, sp. #8x9 x9, [x1e, exff qe, [x8] 2 ldb unnamed symbol205133 -0x9f 26 13:CreateRenderPipeline) stur ex101c5534c <+184: ldr 4GetidkMTLRenderPipelineStat.. x101c55350 <+188>: qe. tsp, x198 NumberTwo) 29 str 15eCachedPipeline CommonDrawsetup) 7DrawBufferRangesPilatform UnityGfDevice Worker (35)) 3:CreateRenderPipeline 0 Metali Error areating papeline state (Sprites/Detauit) Compiler encounterea an anterna1 error (null)2019-11-16 20:19:56.831429-0808 NunberTwo[ 29135:2134922] [Coon] BSMachError: part see3; (os/kern) invalid 2019-11-16 20: 19:56.834555-0880 NumberTwo[29135: 2134922] Unbalanced calls too begin/end appearance transitions for <SplashScreenControler: ex11faa5c20 UnloadTime: 1. 472042 ms 8 non-virtual thunk to GhDeviceM capability Cexi4) "Unable to insert COPY SEND 9:DrawBuffersStereo 10 DrawBuffers) 11RunCommand ) 2819-11-16 28:20:07.208653-8800 NumberTwol29135: 2135846] Compiler failed to build request ing pipeline state (Brush/DiffuseDo ubleSided: RasterizationEnabled is false but the vertex 12 GDericeWorkerAutoreleaseP. Metal: Error shader"s return type is not void (null) Metal: Error ereating pipeline state (Brush/DiffuseDeublesided): RasterizationEnabled is false but the vertex shader's return type is not void (null) Met al: Failed to get shader entry point 2819-11-16 20:20:07.211619-e809 NumberTwo[29135: 2135946] Compiler failed to build request Metal: Error areating pipeline state (Brush/Special/igglyoraphiteDoublesided): output of type half4 is not compatible with a HTLPixelFormatInvalid color attachement (nul1) Metal: Failed to get shader entry point ze19-11-16 28: 20:17.247672-ee09 NumberTwo[29135: 2135046] Compiler failed to build request Metal: Error 13 RunExt0 14RunD 15Run@fxDeviceWorker ) 16 RunThreadWrapper) e 17 pthresd stsrt com.apple.CoreMotion.MotionThread... Loading PreloadManager (37) CleudJob.Worker O (40) Thread 42 comapple.NSURLConnectionloader.. Thread 44 pismatchino n p er e (Brush/Special/HypereolorDoublesided): Fragment input(s) user(TEXCOORD) output typets) or not written by vertex shader (null) 2019-11-16 28:20:17-252482-08ee NumberTwo[ 29135 :213se46] Compiler failed to build request Metali Errer creating pipeline state (Brush/Standardsinglesided): Frageent inputis) user(TEXCOORDO) mismatching vertex shader output typels) or not Written by vertex shader (null) (11db) Auto O Filter Fiter All Output 9:56 AM 17 Nov 19 Twitter for Mac Understanding stack traces is an art

Understanding stack traces is an art