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Keen is mad as hell and she’s not gonna take it anymore: It takes money to distill the plants at the optimum temperature. I went on a HUGE tangent in my oil group today about this It takes money to test the oils to make sure no hing else got in there. I'll spare you the theatrics and leave you with thefacts. These are not essential oils. It takes money to pay people to do all of th s. Whatever is in these bottles did not come from a pl nt It takes money to bring the oils back int the United States. Young Living has farms all overthe world because our company keeps the plants in their native habitats rather than trying to farm them here. You are not getting a "deal" by choosing a $5 bottl of Frankincense over a $40 bottle of Young Living Frankincense. These are not the same as Young Living. You can visit the Frankincense farm in Oman and the Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood farm in Hawaiian. You can see the plants that go into Young Living's bottles. These are not made from plants. It takes money to distribute oils from all over the world. If a bottle of something that is supposed to be an essential oil says "for external use only," it's not an oil. If it supposedly came from a plant, why can't you consume it? The company that sells this probably doesn't know where they come from. Here are some issues that are caused from the chemicals and fillers in these bottles and most bottles The liquid that is in these bottles (and 99.9% of all the bottle you see that are not Young Living) is made in a lab commercially sold: hormone disrupters, kidney failure, eczema, allergies, cancer, infertility, poor eye development in children, liver failure, etc. It you want to get into the olly lifestyle, and I hope you do, get into it the right way with your starter kit, wholesale membership, and essential rewards. The essential oils industry is not regulated. That means that anyone can put anything into a bottle, slap the words "essential oils" on it, and call it a day. THAT is how you cheat the system. THAT is how you don't pay full price for oils and how you get hundreds of dollars in essential oil products for free every month I can literally sell a bottle of cat pee in it with "essential oils" written on it. Yes, I'll probably get in trouble for selling cat pee, but I would not get in trouble for fraud. Any company that is not Young Living is not giving you 100% pure, authentic, therapeutic grade essential oils. Don't want to spend that money and still want to buy $5 oils from Walmart, Target, Amazon, and Menards? You are not getting a deal. That's cool-you'll just spend that money at the doctor's office with bills, prescription medications, and You are not cheating the system. time off from work. Young Living does not jack up the prices to "pay" the distributors Pinky promise. This is not okay. These companies are banking off of people looking at them and thinking "oh hey, these are the real thing AND I'm getting a deal! Why would I sign up with Susie-down-the-street when I can get my oils at the grocery store?!" Young Living essential oils are much more expensive than $5/bottle because it takes lots of money to make oils. It takes money to organically farm the plants It takes money to pay people to harvest the plants. Read the above paragraphs. Keen is mad as hell and she’s not gonna take it anymore

Keen is mad as hell and she’s not gonna take it anymore