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America, Anime, and Children: COFFEE SHOPRGGULARS escartetsacalor -Trenta pink drink & pink cake pop, as well as a tall vanilla bean "frappe" -the vanilla bean is for himself the rest is for his gf or wife or lover....we don't really know he's never brought anyone in with him -super polite and tall and handsome -WAVE cHeCk -nobody hits on him because he's pretty intimidating -never makes small talk, on his phone the entire time waiting for his order then immediately leaves -tall double chocolatey chip Frappuccino & cheese danish quiet, pays with cash allowance - definitely just got out of school, still in uniform -l've NEVER seen Emma's mom? Does she just drop her off here every day?? -probably cuddling her bf on the patio even tho they're Venti iced blonde americano with toffee nut and cream -SO -shaking violently while trying to scan app to pay -stays in the store for hours drawing anime girls in the corner of the lobby ridiculously large iPad on a do not disturb him, he is fine. always has big headphones on -very nice and nervous like 14 -grande pike with 2 splendas and almond milk, trenta very berry refresher no ice, sausage egg and cheddar sandwich, and a banana nut bread warmed -Venti iced blonde extra dirty chai latte with soy & a spinach feta wrap -so hot and scary OMG -covered in tattoos and always wears a lot of black -SpOoKy MaMa -is she gay????? Is she SINGLE??????? SHE CANT BE RIGHT?.. -small hot chocolate or Venti mocha -very very quiet like a mouse -loves god, "I'll pray for you" -usually mobile orders -definitely a mom, but this smart mom has never brought her children in the store with her -local harmless crackhead -stands outside and convinces/guilt trips tourists to buy him his order (the locals and employees all knows he does this) -very loud and stinky -sometimes makes small talk with the other moms while waiting -loves his life and AMERICA LARRY hBROOKE NOAH TAG YOURSELF HERES REGULARS PT. 2