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Bad, Beautiful, and Friends: 53% Mobilicity 4:23 PM thebootydiaries + whiteched... whitecheddarpanda Can you please learn how to spell? thebootydiaries wat r u taking about whitecheddarpanda I mean I follow you and I like your асcount But, I'm just asking if you could use proper grammar and spell correctly, that would be great. thebootydiaries i spel perfact wat r u talking whitecheddarpanda Ispell perfectly* what* are* you* talking about* thebootydiaries thx 4 lesson but i am being born in canada as we speak so i think i kno english sweatypie (: whitecheddarpanda That sentence was horribly constructed and I have no idea what you just said thebootydiaries luk.... if u don't want 2 followu don't have 2 ok... will i lose 1 followers? yes. but will i cry?? also probably yes. but u r free whitecheddarpanda I still don't understand what you're saying. Please go back to the second grade and learn how to use proper grammar/spelling. Also, learn how use proper punctuation while you're there. thebootydiaries shh... listen....,.. do u hear that..,... it's the beautiful sound of u not talking.. the wind.. so smoothe.... thebootydiaries: silverheart1123: otomegameslover: thebootydiaries: mr-anon-guy: thebootydiaries: inkora-stuff: thebootydiaries: thebootydiaries: i love making new friends :) she stopped replying :((( where did i go wrong Lmao y r u laugh i lost a friend :( And you lost them by continuing to do what you know nobody likes. You want more followers? Use correct grammar and punctuation. how did u get inside my home :(  The spelling and grammar here are so horrible that I do not think that I can look any longer… Bro, just use proper words. It’s not that hard. And for the record, you said you were born in Canada(?) but I’m pretty sure Canadians can spell and type PROPERLY.TYPE OUT YOUR WORDS. STOP TRYING TO SUBSITUTE WORDS LIKE YOU FOR U.Oh for the record. If you say because you were born somewhere else and that makes your English bad. Think again. There are people who are from non-English speaking countries that try way harder than you when typing. Sure their grammar isn’t the best, but at least they type out whole words instead of using a letter to substitute.You need to learn. listen barbara how about u and ur grandpa otomegameslover go outside and eat some leaves or something ok i don’t have time for this i hav e cows 2 harvest and a blog 2 run thank u

thebootydiaries: silverheart1123: otomegameslover: thebootydiaries: mr-anon-guy: thebootydiaries: inkora-stuff: thebootydiaries: the...