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Bodies , Club, and Logic: ALL forms of mercury are classified as a GENETIC TERMINATOR. Thirrmosal is 49.5% mercury Like Reply Message 1d Edited Hide 17 Replies Nope Like Reply Message d Please, prove me wrong Like Reply Message 1d The Logic of Science Let me try to explain it this way. Sodium is extremely reactive. It literally explodes when it touches water Chlorine is highly toxic at anything but very low doses. Table salt (aka sodium chloride) is 50% sodium and 50% chlorine. Does that mean that it will explode when it touches water and give you chlorine poisoning? Obviously not. When sodium and chlorine are together, they change each others properties, and neither chemical behaves the way it would by itself The same thing is true with mercury. The ethyl group in ethyl- mercury changes the mercury's properties, just like the chlorine changes the sodium's properties P.S. No forms of mercury are classified as "genetic terminators because that is not a term that is used to classify chemicals. It's literally a made-up term th 0592 Like Reply 1m Edited at no regulatory bodies use The Logic of Science As a final note, you have the burden of proof backwards when you insist that other people need to prove you wrong. You made the claim, therefore you are responsible for providing evidence to support the claim. No one is obligated to discredit the claim or take it seriously until you have provided evidence 0S66 laughoutloud-club: Anti-vax gets destroyed

laughoutloud-club: Anti-vax gets destroyed

Candy, Charlie, and Dad: karik evayna Violet Beauregarde should've won Wonka's chocolate factory Have I watched the movie in the last decade or more? No. Do I have iron clad evidence to support my argument? Yes. 1. She's the most knowledgeable about candy She's committed to it, and knows her stuff. When Wonka holds up a little yellow piece across the room, she recognizes it immediately. She was able to switch to candy bars for the sake of the contest, so we know she has personal discipline and is goal oriented. Also, two major projects play directly into her strong suits: the 3-course- meal gum that Wonka failed to make safe (gum) and the neverending gobstopper (longevity) 2. She's the most fit to run a business. Violet is competitive, determined, hard working, and willing to take risks. Her father is a small town car salesman and politician, so she could easily pick up knowledge and support from him. (Veruca's dad is also a business man, and in a compatible market (nuts), but it's made very clear that Veruca has no respect or knowledge of business practices or hard work.) 3. Shes the most sympathetic to the Oompa Loompas. She critiques Veruca when Veruca demands to buy one. More importantly, Wonka has been testing the 3-course-meal gum that always goes wrong' on Oompa Loompas while he presumably just watches. Violet is ready to put herself on the front line, instead of treating the Oompa Loompas as disposable, and would therefore be a better boss. 4. Her personality flaw' is the most fitting for the company. In the moralizing Oompa Loompa song, they just say gum is pretty cool, but it's not socially acceptable to chew it all day. The thing is, we already know that she can stop if she wants, because she already did that to win the golden ticket. And yeah, she is defensive about the perceived impoliteness of her hobby (like when her mother tries to shame her about her habit during a televised interview) but the obsession with candy and neglect of social norms is EXACTLY what Wonka is all about This is on brand. 5. Her misstep in the factory is reasonable. Wonka shows everyone a candy he's very proud of. Violet is like "oh sick, that's gum, my special interest." Wonka is then pulls a "WRONG! It's amazing guml So in the very moments before she takes the gum Wonka has mislead her just to belittle her. So when he's like I wouldn't do that" why should she give a shit what he has to say? She's not like Charlie over here who's al Sure Gramps, let's stay behind while the tour leaves and secretly drink this thing that has been explicitly stated to fill you with gas and is too powerful for safe consumption, oh and also I just saw what happened to Violet so I actually KNOW what this stuff can be capable of" Also, Violet is not selfish about her experience, she tells everyone what she's tasting and feeling, and everyone is eager to hear it. Taking a personal risk to share knowledge with everyone. Violet is Prometheus: fact. So Augustus contaminates the chocolate river. Charlie sneaks around and contaminates the vent walls. Veruca destroys and disrupts the workspace. Mike knows exactly what will happen to him and transports/shrinks himself deliberately. Violet had no idea what the gum could potentially do to her, and caused no harm to anyone or anything but herself Lastly: Can you imagine Charlie filling Wonka's shoes? That passive, naive boy? Violet is already basically Wonka. She's passionate sarcastic, candy-obsessed, free thinking, and a total firecracker. She's even better than Wonka, because she doesn't endanger others. Violet should've been picked to inherit the chocolate factory. Source: evayna #charlie and the chocolate factory 123,693 notes Blueberry Boss
Cars, Fucking, and Run: SheStayFabulous @Shestayfabulous Man old cars really were made to last 1/5 Ayton SZN @ReeceDontTweet ) his car ain't break a sweat becausedragonage: freshest-tittymilk: princealigorna: And this is why we used to make cars out of STEEL instead of FIBERGLASS! Sure, fiberglass is a lot lighter in weight and hence a hell of a lot better for gas mileage. But you hit anything at more than 20 mph and the entire body explodes off the fucking thing, and now you’re spending more to repair the car than it’s worth because you need a entire front end, read end, or side panel. They can’t just take the damaged section off, beat it out with a hammer, sand it, and repaint it. Everything is made with the idea of it being easier to replace than to maintain, aka planned obsolescence. Thanks, capitalism You guys are obscenely, dangerously wrong.  It’s not planned obsolescence, it’s physics. Modern cars crumple to absorb and distribute the forces of impact in an accident in an effort to protect the occupants. When cars didn’t have those crumple zones, the occupants, being the soft, squishy things they were, took those forces and were mangled or killed in horrible ways. Also, those older cars took hidden damage that often went unnoticed and made them very dangerous to drive.  I recently watched a TV show where a small sedan was run over by the trailer of an eighteen-wheeler. Run. Over. They had to unwrap the crumpled ball of a car from the undercarriage of that trailer. Guess what? The driver suffered only minor injuries because the car collapsed in exactly the way it was designed to so that she, in the very strong frame surrounding the passenger compartment, was protected.  And no, don’t thank capitalism for these modern cars. Thank Ralph Nader and countless other safety activists who worked tirelessly to make car manufacturers accountable for the safety of the people who drove their cars. 
Burger King, Clothes, and Food: Burger King Worker DENMARK UNITED STATES S20 an hour 5Weeks paid vacation Pension Plarn Doesn't have to struggle to get by. $9an hour No paid vacation No Pension Plan Has to choose between buying food or clothes. fightfor15.org fb.com/fightfor151@fightfor15 iopele: queerspeculativefiction: heidiblack: pillowswithboners: luchagcaileag: This isn’t because Burger King is nicer in Denmark. It’s the law, and the US is actually the only so-called “developed” country that doesn’t mandate jobs provide a minimum amount of paid vacation, sick leave, or both. kinda debunks that claim that they can’t afford to pay their workers those sort of wages and still make a profit Its corporate greed, plain and simple. It is the same in Sweden. It is so funny every time an american company opens up offices here and then tries to do it the american way and all the unions go “I don’t think so”. Like when Toys ‘r Us opened in sweden 1995. They refused to sign on to the union deals that govern such things as pay/pension and vacation in Sweden. Most of our rights are not mandated by law (we don’t have a minimum wage for example) but are made in voluntary agreements between the unions and the companies. But they refused, saying that they had never negotiated with any unions anywhere else in the world and weren’t planning to do it in Sweden either.  Of course a lot of people thought it was useless fighting against an international giant, but Handels (the store worker’s union) said that they could not budge, because that might mean that the whole Swedish model might crumble. So they went on strike in the three stores that the company had opened so far. Cue a shitstorm from the press, and from right wing politicians. But the members were all for it, and other unions started doing sympathy actions. The teamsters refused to deliver goods to their stores, the financial unions blockaded all economical transactions regarding Toys ‘r Us and the strike got strong international support as well, especially in the US. In the end, Toys ‘r Us caved in, signed the union deal, and thus their employees got the same treatment as Swedish store workers everywhere. The right to be treated as bloody human beings and not disposable cogs in a machine. and that story right there? is exactly why Republicans in the US work so hard to bust unions. it’s because unionizing WORKS and they’re terrified of workers actually having some power.
Amazon, Ass, and Books: Millennials Are Out- Reading Older Generations But younger Americans value library services less than more senior cohorts, study finds natural–blues: decrystallize: witchtimez: onlyblackgirl: m4ge: m4ge: m4ge: m4ge: This came up on my facebook feed and I am so excited to see how generation Xers and Baby Boomers will find a way to use this to shit on millenials anyways nice okay we’re off to a good start oh boy do i have something to tell you about millennials, working, and debt that’s gonna absolutely blow your socks off banksy’s family found this article Why old people so mad. It’s funny because millennials can pretty much multitask like it’s second nature simply because it’s necessary to keep up with society, while baby boomers whine about reading subtitles and can’t seem to program anything more complicated than a VCR. But sure, ok, the kids are lazy and have entitlement complexes Older Generations: -Make comics about kids not knowing how books work- Millenials: -Read more books than anyone else- Older Generations: …no we changed our minds reading a lot is lazy and entitled now I had a professor, way older, talk at a great length about how his generation is more well read than Millenials. When it was brought up that our generation reads more, he literally came out of nowhere with “Well, that’s not the point. See, my generation was better informed. You kids don’t know what it is to actually sit down and read for information. This generation is the least informed of any previous generation! Other generations sat and read, listened to the radio for information. There’s access, but are any of you *actually* informed? No. If I wanted to know what happened in Finland to make it a country, I would go to the library, speak to another human being, and check out books to read on the subject. We were happy to do it.” A girl a few seats behind me goes, “Bullshit. If I want to know that, I can Google that in a few seconds depending on my signal. I can youtube or Netflix a documentary on Finnish History. I can listen to podcasts made by Scandinavian historians. I can use Duolingo to get a better than basic understanding of the language, and use Amazon same-day to get a book in my hand by my last class of the day, delivered to the class. I can order Finnish food on my ubereats app, find a language partner chat app to video with people in Helsinki, use Google Earth to visit, patronise interactive museums, and stream the most popular films from the country *right now*. If I so desire I can take an opensource course from a highly accredited university about the same subject and apply to study abroad with a trusted program with the click of a button. I can use Tinder to find me someone there to get some with, I can buy plane tickets and find a top rated hotel for a good price with great reviews and stream their local radio stations with an app. I can buy train tickets, bus tickets and rent a car. We aren’t less informed. We just don’t learn things we don’t give a shit about or need just to say we did all smug about it. Stop sneering at us for the access your generation dreamed of giving us actually happening just because your old ass doesn’t know how to use it.”
Arguing, Community, and Dad: Waubgeshig Rice @waub Follow There's a lot of talk of "erasing history" this week with few actual examples. Here's one: ask a Anishinaabe person if they know their clan 1:43 PM - 25 Aug 2017 248 Retweets 370 Likes 1 12 t 248 370 Tweet your reply Waubgeshig Rice@waub 8h Replying to @waub If they don't, ask why. Chances are it's due to measures imposed by the government to deliberately erase that cultural identity and history. Waubgeshig Rice@waub 8h The clan system is crucial to Anishinaabe culture. It defines family lines and outlines roles and responsibilities in communities Waubgeshig Rice@waub 8h If you know your clan, you can draw a direct line to your ancestors and how and where they lived on the land before settlers came Waubgeshig Rice Ф @waub Follow But in many communities that clan knowledge is gone because of residential schools, the Indian Act, and other violent efforts of erasure 1:48 PM - 25 Aug 2017 13 Retweets 58 Likes 1358 Tweet your reply Waubgeshig Rice@waub 8h Replying to @waub I'm bear clan, but I didn't learn that until late in my childhood. My grandfather died young, and never shared that with his family 60 Waubgeshig Rice@waub 8h There was a shame about our Anishinaabe culture that infected our community because of the Indian Act, residential and day schools, etc. 2 6 51 Waubgeshig Rice@waub 8h The Indian Agent used to come in and shoot his gun in the air whenever he saw a sweatlodge happening, where culture and history were shared Waubgeshig Rice Ф @waub Follow Violently putting a stop to ceremony erases history. So no one talked about that kind of knowledge for a long time in my community 1:54 PM - 25 Aug 2017 9 Retweets 52 Likes Tweet your reply Waubgeshig Rice@waub 8h Replying to @waub It took my dad many years of travelling and visitor elders to finally determine we're bear clan. I'm thankful he made those efforts 2 Waubgeshig Rice@waub 8h My wife doesn't know her clan on her Nish side because her grandpa went to residential school and her grandma was raised by missionaries Waubgeshig Rice@waub 8h I wish I could help her try to figure that out, but I wouldn't even know where to start. That's an overwhelming hill to climb 3 7 Waubgeshig Rice Ф @waub Follow Losing clan knowledge means Anishinaabe history has been deliberately erased. For many families in many communities, it's gone forever. 2:00 PM - 25 Aug 2017 20 Retweets 70 Likes Waubgeshig Rice Ф @waub Follow I'm sure those who've lost their clan could argue it's much more devastating than changing the name of a school or taking down a statue. 2:01 PM-25 Aug 2017 26 Retweets 128 Likes allthecanadianpolitics: More good discussion on Indigenous twitter about taking down racist statues or renaming schools (i.e. Schools named after John A Macdonald’s who started the Residential School system and many other genocidal policies). This thread is by Waubgeshig Rice‏.

allthecanadianpolitics: More good discussion on Indigenous twitter about taking down racist statues or renaming schools (i.e. Schools named...