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fagmobs: : oo Verizon LTE 9:34 AM 95 % otherkin Save curiousplantkin Follow Ugh! I HATE my mom! So today her and I went shopping, right? Well, being plantkin, I naturally started gravitating toward the flowers and stuff. I could FEEL their pain, being stuck in pots like that. And I could hear them whispering to me like "save us" so I started stuffing the flowers in the cart. And my mom stared at me and started putting then back! I had to explain to her RIGHT there in the store that Im a plantkin and she looked so angry??? I'M SORRY I'M NOT CISHET SCUM LIKE YOU, MOM. STOP TRIGGERRING ME BY TELLING ME PLANTKIN ISN'T A THING BECAUSE IT IS. I WOULD KNOW, GOOGLE SAID IT'S POSSIBLE TO IDENTIFY AS A PLANT. Fuck you mom. You triggered my PTSD. fuck you. #otsd #plantkin #ptsd problems #oth o Verizon LTE 9:33 AM 95 % curiousplantkin Follow Die, Cishets! Vera//17//Trigender//grey-aromantic// polysexual// plantkin // preferred pronouns: zi/zis/zou/zei// gender dysphoria// self-diagnosed ptsd// depression// severe anxiety/l Exhibitionism// manic episodes// past life regression// self-diagnosed bipolar disorder// OCD //I may be white on the outside but i'm asian on the inside Anonymous said: Yo you stupid cunt, if I met vour pathetic ass I'd beat the oo Verizon LTE 9:34 AM 95 % curiousplantkirn Follow How does it feel, being a plantkin? Do you feel the need to "transform" like some of my other kin friends? And since (I think) you are a Venus Flytrap, do you eat insects? They can be pretty tasty! I'm not otherkin myself, but I find plantkin very interesting. I'm not trying to be rude!! Please forgive me if I am!! uwiu Finally, somebody actually asking a question I love being a plantkin, aside from the discrimination toward otherkin in general. It's so relaxing. Not a care in the world, really And yes, I do eat insects! People think it's gross when I pop a dead fly in my mouth, but that's because they don't understand me fagmobs: