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Bailey Jay, Books, and Facebook: HEUP US RAISE MONEY FOR 2 CLASS SETS OF THE HATE U GIVE ANGIE THOMAS THE HATE GIVE $200 of $600 goal 4 Raised by 3 people in 1 day Donate Now THE fShare on Facebook HATE Created January 29, 2019 Martha Daniels Education SAVANNAH, GA GIVE Recent Donations $20 Amanda Harrell 17 hours ago AH 2 Class sets of "The Hate U Give" I am a part of a two person teaching team that teaches 9th Grade Literature at Savannah High School. We do not have the funds to buy the class sets of books ourselves. We need our community's help to afford these books. These books will help us create lesson plans that are culturally accessible to our students as well as engaging. The novel "The Hate U Give" is a story that our students are all too familiar with at Savannah High school and we want them to be able to see themselves in the literature we teach. Through being able to see themselves in the novel, we hope to be able to teach them and inspire them. enenkaydoodles: enenkaydoodles: My friend Martha is a teacher at a low-income school that’s short on funds and resources. She’s trying to raise money to buy 2 sets of “The Hate U Give“ for her classroom. So far, the project has raised $200 and needs $600 total. Every little bit counts, so please check out her project, and consider supporting education! PS: If you donate $20 or more, send me a screenshot of your donation and I’ll personally doodle you a random thank you drawing! The project is only $168 away from goal! LET’S DO THIS!!

enenkaydoodles: enenkaydoodles: My friend Martha is a teacher at a low-income school that’s short on funds and resources. She’s trying to r...

Memes, Arizona, and 🤖: AP Photo/Matt York, File JUST IN: Democratic Rep. Kyrsten Sinema defeats Republican Rep. Martha McSally for Arizona Senate seat.

JUST IN: Democratic Rep. Kyrsten Sinema defeats Republican Rep. Martha McSally for Arizona Senate seat.

Anaconda, Animals, and Be Like: if i were a zookeeper my intrusive thoughts would be wild pumpkinvictor brain: slap that penguin. right across his little blubbery tummy. it'll jiggle. me: no??? that's mean??? brain: polar bear, then pumpkinvictor brain: the lons just got fed raw meat brain: steal it and eat it in front of them me:.. pumpkinvictor ttle-king-smashmouth AS A ZOOKEEPERI CAN CONFIRM THIS IS 100% A REAL STRUGGLE rowan i want you to know that this is the best possible reply i could have received I work with animals and this is true for me. No, I cannot eat sea stars out the touch tank no matter HOW good you think the cronch will be, brain. sometimes you wonder what was going through the head of the first human to eat something really weird and then you see this post and stop wondering harinezumiko This 100% was me at the zoo. Don't touch Melon, he's mean. Okay, but I have to touch Bob to make him get his stupid emu head out of my shirt, so what if I also touch Melon until he likes it? Sephiroth is angery because he has one wing and sometimes attacks people? I want to pet him also. Also he won't get off the rock I have to clean anyway, surely a little pets on the good side will be fine. Martha and Stewart are assholes that tag-team while the pond is filling? I bet I could CUDDLE THEM The female deer will excitedly nuzzle you in the stomach for feeding them. This is fine, because they don't have antlers. The male deer is locked up while we're putting out food because he will gouge you to death with his little nubby asymmetrical homs, because he thinks the females are doing it. The entire monkey enclosure will eat your fingers for a single fruit loop. They also have the smallest arms and can reach through holes they ve made in the tarp on the gate to their enclosure. Do not hold hands with the monkeys. (2nd gen old man monkey will also pee on the keepers that don't give him fruit loops. He is a jerk) The rehabilitated bear that still sits like she's on a couch because she did that when she was living in a crack house? Yes, she looks chill. Yes, she looks The Softest. No, do not pet her back through the fence. No, do not go into the corridor and try to offer treats for pets. Big Mac does not know he will break your ribs, but YOU know he will break your ribs. Do not enter Big Mac's enclosure no matter how much he chuffs and displays his belly and rubs on the cage and looks sad. Yes, he genuinely wants pets. Yes, Pinkie is deliberately getting pets where he can see it as a sign of dominance even though she's a housecat and he could eat her in approximately one bite. The turtle is mean. Period. He is an old man and he does not like you. He does not like the parrot getting fries and he does not like that he is in a kiddie pool to warm up because his enclosure lost power, and he does not like you behind him preparing food for the owls and raptors. Petting him will not help this. He will rock back and forth and mean mug you forever because he is a grumpy old man. All of the rabbits need more handling on principle. They don't know you and they äre very distressed that you're täking their poop away. They can learn, a little, kind of. The guinea pig is insane and will not leam. Do not pet the guinea pig. this post is gathering some highly blessed zoo stories i love it! thank you as biologist, can confirm brain: that frog is very small me: well spotted, brain brain: put smol frog in mouth me: no! brain: that lynx.. .Jooks so fluffy me: it does brain: we should pet it. me: it's awake and angry so no. brain: baaaaby bunny. me: yup brain: baby bunny goes in pocket me: nooo it doesn't. Ah-I read the one about the sea star crunch and I immediately thought of if I ate one, what goo would come out. Would it be like a mozzarella stick? The texture seems to fit right. What if someone served someone a sea star instead of a mozzarella stick in the shape of a sea star? Would they eat t? Would IilI eat it? What if I knew it was a sea star? Would I STILL eat i? I kinda just want mozzarella sticks but now they could all be sea star limbs so I have to be careful... Source: snowquee.. Wanimal Bintrusive thoughts 8200 98,700 notes Intrusive Thoughts