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4chan, Brains, and Dank: Humans are attracted to "finer aspects" of culture such music and art despite not conferring an evolutionary advantage Memetic drive is our brain's affinity for memes We like music and art because they are mer Memetic Drive mes that to Dank spread Dawkins Memetic evolution theory-Dawkins vs Darwin Genes favor small, economic brains that don't waste brains are hardwired to Memes: From energy on nonessential behaviors oMemes favor larger brains that can hold and propagat ity BY RAUNAK HOTA more memes More intelligence, but require make births more dangerous Other species may have attempted to develop more energy and Essential Question Why are some ideas pervasive throughout history and how do these successful memes shape cultures? ng a memelasts Depends on medium of the meme dea that is wnitten lasts longer than one spread v memes but died out due to the risks associated Grimm's Fairy Tales vs oral stories lost to lime High longevity because information on ken word with larger brains ntermet memes the intemet is stored undefinitely Voiceover Introduction My Project 12-minute narrated video providing an MEMES? introduction to memes and memetics Topics covered o Definition of a meme Examples of memes On the Origin of "Memes" The term "meme" was first coined by biologist Richard Dawkins in his 1976 book The Selfish Gene from the Greek root mimime, or o Factors of meme success "Dangerous Memes" "imitated thing." The root was shortened to resemble the word o Effects of memes on society and culture gene. Memes are not always useful or beneficial Ideas such as White Nationalism and Radical Islam are Why a Video? examples of "dangcrous memes" that result in the destruction of society and culture as opposed to building it .Combines auditory and visual cues The brain retains visual content better than verbal content and Definition of a Meme When we act as vectors of meme transmission, we may video's ability to processes it 60,000 times faster come into opposition with those that hold opposing memes the internet; they include tunes ideas, catchphrases, fashions, techniques, religions, and Languages. According to Dawkins, religion and language Dawkins defined a meme as an element of culture that is spread from one individual Memes are often spread through videoss due to to another through imitation By this definition, memes are more than what you see on become viral are the two most important Plague of Frogs: Memes&Politics memes in human history Social media platforms have provided an avenue to more How likely or quickly a meme can spread Depends on size of audience organized political participation MORMIES o Depends on intended demographic o Affected by factors such as psycholkgical app and engagement Memes were used to Fecundity delegitimize candidates throughout primaries and general fecundity than something in the local newspaper Nike or McDonald's slogans Why Memes? election campaigns The most notable example of ?? Personal interest and this is Pepe the Frog, which originated as an innocent reaction image on 4chan before being adopted by the alt-right movement and declared a hate symbol by the ADL .Some credit the increased meme presence in the 2016 election as a Genes vs Memes experience Wanted to understand memes Memes Sonmething broadast on national television has a igher Replicators of human culture Csecond replicator") More likely to spread if they adhere to the factors of meme success Spread from brain to brain in the "meme pool" other than internet memes Genes Replicators of evolution ("first replicator") More likely to spread if they confer an evolutionary advantage Spread from gametes in the genepool . Concrete Exist in all organisms ("gene machines") Modern form of communication that changes JOIN THE FIGHT WITH THE ENLIST AND RED PILL YOURSELF TODAY Intermet memS High focundity because infna the way we relate to each ALT-RIGHT factor towards Donald Trump's victory the nternet is vISIble to amn aith internet aces other .Abstract Exist in organisms capable of mimiery ("meme machines" Audience: Teenagers, the most common users of Original intention: To discover why memes appeal to people and how humor develops internet memes Similarities Self-replication, mutation, and response to selective pressures Can work together or act in competition with each other Are not always beneficial the host "Temes" Technological memes proposed as a potential third replicator afler genes and memes Function independently from us through advancements in technology, most notably related to developments such as Al and deep learning Some meedctsts believe that humans e day be rendered obsolete by technology once temes have fully establishcd themselves in thcorya chviliion with temes has reached the level of Conclusions Thesis: Ideas that are able to survive throughout history have high Internet Memes longevity, fecundity, and copying-fidelity, and these ideas shape cultures through influcncing the behaviors of specific groups/geographic regions Memes are important as the underlying basis for Creating this project taught me the importance o unintended consequences of our ideas and how hosts can cause harm if let unchecked Synonymous with "memes" Examples of internet memes o Image macros Reaction images IFIDOWNLOAD A MOVIE IN JAMAICA ransmission o the O "Deep-fried" memes How they are used interplanetary communication eme Memes then tsN-na x xL o Humor o Subcultures Marketing .Where to find them o Reddit Rick Astley-Never Gonna Glive You Up (Video) AMIA PIRATE OF THE CARIBBEAN? pre is w beca N-Hof Communicat n#of pan ctly w MEMES 4chan romm o Instagram o Twitter Memes now Not copied accurately, imtentionally altered aton tr 1.52 /332 acer 2 W a S C h b k backspae Copying-Fidelity Taditonal mCSThe m al mes to copying fidel as a A legend made this poster in my school.

A legend made this poster in my school.