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Hungry, Tattoos, and China: HOMEWARD BOUND the Art of the Sailor SWALLOW FULL-RIGGED SHIP Tattooed for every 5,000 nautical miles they travelled. sailor had been around Cape Horn. ANCHOR A single anchor told that a sailor had crossed the NAUTICAL STAR So a sallor could always find their way home. Atlantic or was a Merchant Mariner. SHELLBACK TURTLE Earned when initiated into King Neptune's Court after crossing the Equator ROPE A knot of rope around the wrist indicated HULA GIRL U.S a sailor's rank as a deckhand sailors CROSSED CANNONS who had been to Signified military naval Hawai. service CROSSED ANCHORS Placed on the webbing between the thumb and index fingers marked a bos'n or boatswain NOLD FAST HOLD and FAST were written across the knuckles on each of a sailor's hands in PIG AND ROOSTER During WWII, foot tattoos of a rooster and pig mate the hopes of giving a sailor a good grip In the rigging were worn to prevent a salor from drowning. Roosters and pigs were shipped in crates that floated and therefore often ended up the only survivors of wrecks. AHOY OTHER TATTOOS AND THEIR MEANINGS ROSE: So a sailor coutd always find thelr way home. COLDEN DRAGOR: Tattooed when a 1alor had crossed the International Date Line HARPOOR: A marker of a whaler or a member of a Ashlng Reet ator rensses, On the soles of one's feet warded off hungry sharks. DAGGER THROUGH A RoSE: A sallor was loyal and willing to PALM TREE, Roval Naoe sailors durine WWII who took part in Mediterranean Hawall rose. gTH myr bd servd in China cruises were tattooed wth a patm tree, as were US, sailors who spert time 2hiidLall fwy Belurros G/122