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meatball: Pinned Tweet Italian Elon Musk @alexqarbu... 16h V Ayy!! I make a da rockets!! Italian Elon Musk@alexqarbuc... 1h I make a the marionettes paint a like Rick a Morty!! "Ayyy I'm a the Pickle Rick!" Paisan 3 0 57 O 400 Italian Elon Musk@alexqarbuc... 3h I just a invent a new fruit, I call it a da tomato!! l come up a with this all by myself!! Ohhh disruptiano!! 7 327 1.6K Italian Elon Musk @alexqarbuc.. 3h V I send a the calzone into space!! I don't pay a the taxes!! Ohhh!! 29 01.4K 5.6K Italian Elon Musk@alexqarbu... 12h send a the probes to Mars to prove by science Olympus Mons is shit mountain. I spit on that alien red heap. Vesuvius number one always. xkcd.com t0 27 334 Italian Elon Musk@alexqarbu... 13h V Autonomous Sauce 302 Italian Elon Musk* @alexqarbu.. . 13h THATS A SPICY MEATBALL!!!! no refundo Mary McCormack@marycmccormack @Tesla This is what happened to my husband and his car today. No accident,out of the blue, in traffic on Santa Monica Blvd 0:45 266.6K views Italian Elon Musk@alexqarbu... . 13h I tell a you my idea for Computer Pizza you give a me the VC funding OHHHH 0 29 С 252 Italian Elon Musk @alexqarbu... . 13h V Mussolini he make a the trains run on time! I like a that except a for the train part! Oooh Redditio!!! 83 591 Italian Elon Musk@alexqarbu... 14h CIAO UNIONES! Hasta la derp 4 0 32 232 Italian Elon Musk@alexqarbu... 14h Yo quiero space travel 5 151 210 Italian Elon Musk@alexqarbu.... 14h Bacon epic italiano 5 174 501 Italian Elon Musk@alexqarbu.... 15h MILIARDI!!! MILIARDI!!! Italian Elon Musk@alexqarbu... 16h V ldon't have a no time to read a da history books ima too busy making da lesla machinas and amore with mi bella Grimes!! 23 t01.4K 7.9K