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Come Over, Dude, and Fucking: 0,A 24% 5:15 Bread Saturday 938 PM I'm ready to get this bread U sure about that?? Oh yeah, I'm always ready for bread Do you like bread? I fucking love bread Do you like getting choked? Saturday 1116 PM Excuse me? Oh c'mon, you know the 'Let's get this bread' meme but not the "Do you like bread" meme? What a disappointment ....I'm unaware of that meme Follow up question: Will you come over tomorrow? Ahhhhh l've been enlightened If you're gonna be bread you've gotta go all the way, dig deep, and become the bread you were meant to be Saturday 11:43 PM You're right I was so unprepared It's all rye-te. You'll do breader next time Damn I need to step my bread game up If you don't improve soon people like me are going to show you up and you'll be toast Today 12:52 AM FRANK you're killing me Sorry, I'm just on a roll Bread? I really can't think of anything damn I made this account for fun now I feel inadequate Wow, usually it's the other people on tinder making me feel inadequate, this is s nice change of pace. There's no need to feel sourdough, cheer up! You're a fuckin baller frank I'm glad I could help Thanks, now I don't feel so pita-ful anymore I've been hitting you with these bread puns naan-stop I hope it hasn't been bothering you too much I fuckin love it how are you so damn clever Are you googling bread puns Nope, just coming up with them off of the top of my bread Marry me I don't think I'm bready for that kind of commitment yet... I appreciate the offer dough My heart is broken frank You're just moving a little too fast for me is all. If we just slow down and take our time I promise it'll be worth the wheat Today 1:58 AM I loaf you There you go, now you're getting it. Donut give up you're doing great Well, it's time for me to bake a nap, I can hit you with more bread puns after my yeast rises out of bed in the morning You bread my mind!! Today 4:49 PM Btw do you mind if I post this conversation to Breaddit and get some karma? Today 5:15 PM Dude go for it GIF Type a I was bready for this
Memes, Little Brother, and My Backpack: re TTStoryTime - "How tough are ya?" - "Hey dude." "Sup." I put my backpack on the floor and sit on the bed. "I'm bored." "Same." says my friend. He gets up and sits on the bed next to me. "Wanna play a game?" "Sure. What game?" "I just made it up, it's called the honesty game." "Honesty game?" "Yea. We each take turns giving our honest opinion on something." "Hmmm. Okay seems interesting." "Okay I'll start," he turns and faces me. "How do you feel about incest?" "Incest? Gross dude what the hell?" He had look of disappointment in his eye and I started to wonder what he did at home. "Okay my turn. How do you feel about abortion?" "I don't care much. Wish my Mom considered it." At this point I was uncomfortable. He was being hella suspect. "OK my turn! How do you feel abouttt... Gay people?" "Gay people? I mean they're cool I guess doesnt bother me really." Now he had a gleam of hope in his eyes. This only made me want to leave more. "K den. Ummm... How do you feel about memes?" "Memes? What is that?" Yep time to go. I get up without saying a word and pick up my backpack to leave. Before I can exit his room, he blocks the door. "Move." "Not until you tell me what a may-may is." I glared at him. "Move or I'll force you." He licked his lips slowly. Now I wasn't so sure I wanted to touch him. I dropped my backpack and put my hands-up. "I don't wanna fight you dude. Just move." Suddenly, his little brother appears in the door frame. "What are you guys doing." "We're just playing a game." "Like the one we played last night? My butt still hurts." "No not yet." Yet. I charged forward and pushed 2 brothers out of the way, leaving my backpack. I flew down the stairs and out the doorway and ran like a black man with a stolen TV.