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Af, Christmas, and Gif: lafemmedemon: I GUESS THIS IS SHIELDMAIDEN GLAM™, IDK. Sorry they’re kinda dark. It was twilight, and my room’s dark af to begin with, sooo… I’ve been tagged by so many wonderful ppl, and I know I’ve been a bit MIA, so it means a lot that y’all still tag me! Tagged by: @badassspacewitch (2), @macabremusings (3), @volheimdallr, @theashenone (3), @noctenebula (2), @blacknorthernthunder (2), @the-perksofbeinggrace, @atticgoth, @type-ho-negative, @beatasticband (4), @glimpseofsanity (2), @justsomeartgeek (2), @xochitl-metal, @scarsoftheshatteredsky, @necrofetus-mcgee, @ankinskywalker (8), @gipsyspirits (3), @storm-and-flame (2), @awarmcupofno (2), @morbidmacabremin (2), @runtowaters, @aleksandroskaya (2), @adreamofmirrors, @galactigoth, @fourthorandsevenyearsago, @cyanide-laced (2) (did your url change?), @thedarkchimera, @thenighteternal, @shineonyoucrazydiamond, @melting-sky, @bridgesinthesky, @chubbawubbadubdub, @misshammett (2), @der–untermensch, @vandathielnir, @weapons-of-affection, @vexedminxx (2) (did you change your url?), @mistress-of-doom, @livingdeadgirlmagicx, @deathmentality, @melkor-eligos, and @apollonlight! Woof! I tag you all back plus @royaljellybooty, @brightbeautifulbrilliance, @elixmia, @bloodofheroes, @alan-frogger, @burningbridgesthatdontexist, @forging-towards-the-sunset, @kidzbopcattledecap, @lord-worms-shakespeare-class, @defilementupontheseaofnurnen, @karmic-punishment, @almostlookedhuman, @wizardwinterwolf, @appalachian-viking, @somethingkvlt, and everybody else; you know who you are, tbh. Also, @beatasticband tagged me for a gif specifically, so Merry Christmas: