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Ass, Bailey Jay, and Crazy: When you can't remember if you pulled out or not & she's tweeting "My stomach hurts" Chapter 1 Conception: It was me and my niggas was posted up in the testis when the emergency broadcast system begins to go off from head quarters, telling us we had a mission to do. Its crazy how fast things can turn into a hard situation. Its about 200 million of us deep ready to dp work. We hop on the mothership “Big black destroyer” and began our way to the mission site. Situation getting fishy and I don’t eat Anchovies. The squad faced adversity with heavy rain word to Hurricane Harvey. Both back engines were burst and we were forced to make a emergency evacuation. one by one all my niggas were vacuumed out their respective pods. It’s my turn and I go and land on the landing Zone. I look around and my homies and dying left and right. Not everyone can make this journey. We begin pushing forward to the Goal. It looked like the million man march. Im swimming fast as fuck to be first. I’m surely not the fastest one in the pack. I toss a flash bang to blind the ones in front of me. I use my turbo boost and shot passed them. A Nigga was swimming like Michael Phelps. I get to the finish line and look back to see where my homies is at. Not one to be found. Im trapped into a sticky matrix. I began to notice overtime i was taking on a new transformation. I looked like Goku in the Medical Machine. Getting stronger, growing new body parts, shit done changed. My momma was in labor for 12 hours. She shot me out like a cannon ball. It took the power of a true Sayian queen to release me from this inprisionment. Im finally free. I felt like Oj when he first came out. The light hit me like solar flare i tried to run from it and couldn’t. The doctor holding me checking out my dick. Homie slapped my ass like i was some $10 stripper. Nigga was trying to cut my dick but i wasn’t having it. I peed in his mouth miss me with that gay shit. That day legend was born. All my friends are dead. She pushed me to the edge. (Follow @Genuineguy if tagged or laughed for more )