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Being Alone, Ass, and Best Friend: 2t - 29.10.19 OOWhat the fuck just happened? Getting all 'mad because I am doing things you used to do? Pathetic. Imagine getting all worked up because you are not my priority for now. Long term I settled goals and now you mad that I said yes? Jesus christ get a OO I have never felt better in my life. Idc if you cry. Idc if you miss me. I fucked up, now you fucked up. grip. - 2t Go on your career that you craved for so long. Now that I am not there anymore you can fully pursuit this way of living. Never write me again. Try to stalk me and you wil end up hurting yourse If. Not my loss anymore. 29.10.19 OO Antwort an 'Fighting for you was the first thing I planned and I literally betrayed my thoughts thinking that I should do for the long term than now. You are getting mad way too fast. You showed me I need new priorities you are the person that said we need change. - 2t OO lquit being a nice guy. This shit will never 'get appreciated. Fuck it. I hate people so much. Trusting her. Thinking she will become my wife. ll bullshit. ti | 29.10.19 OO Sorry that you get worked up but I learned how to not give a single fuck just like you did and still do. 1 14h O0 How fucking delusional can people be. 'Leave me the fuck alone. Mind your own business. Wing woman... that I dont laugh my ass off. You dont like asia anymore? Fine by m... your loss. Hilarious. Pathetic. Yes and I hope we dont see us anymore as well. Why tf would you get mad at the past when we are, like the word says, past that. ti Joke. | 29.10.19 OOIt will never get reality again, the past is I deserve better than this nonesense. the past and it stays so + you never gave me hope in the first hand. Imagine a person is willingly to learn things and enjoys them and then you argument with the past like...get over it. What counts is now 36m OO lused her btw. The sole fact I was together with her was because of her body btw. I am not a good person btw. Asking how her day was? Hell nah underpreciated. Well after her I should just fuck girls the wayI already fucked her.. right??? HAHA. Ex boyfriend of my best friend is kinda mad I guess.