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We graduated high school 5 years ago: I needed to get this off my chest. Talk about Monday Motivation really smal. like I was a freak or that there really was something wrong There are some people I will never with understand, nor want to. My whole life, I have been made fun of for being a "nerd". me. But now, I take it as a compliment. The world is full of so many bums and For wanting to watch nature documentaries instead of going outside to God, do they feel threatened by seeing play. For wanting to read instead of getting drunk at some party. For working jealousy, insecurity, stupidity. I don't 60 hours a week instead of having fun on anymore. All I care about are my goals summer break. For asking questions. For always wanting to know more. For sitting in the front of the classroom. For working successfully and full of pride from my to the point of mental exhaustion every someone shine. Call it what want... you care and my future. And in that future, all I se is me, 10 years from now living accomplishments. And I also see you. I see you still not understanding the difference between your + you're and sti day to achieve a 4.0 GPA instead of enjoying my life. And what does this get me? Respect? Friends? No. This gets me working at Burger King.... laughed at, insulted, and ridiculed. Ridiculed for being a "cat lady" in the making. Judged for being a "try hard" "teacher's pet". Laughed at for doing more work than bare minimum- for having a real work ethic and a high standard for myself. For so long, this made me feel + We graduated high school 5 years ago

We graduated high school 5 years ago