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Anaconda, Ass, and Bad: Who WouldWin? The entire Red Army and military power of the Soviet Union Some weird snowman idk is-that-what-i-think-it-is: trashbinwonderland: rabbittiddy: bradysbigblog: kazard: Some history buff tell me more about this tho Oh boy, that fella is Simo Häyhä. He’s Finnish and was nicknamed “The White Death” by the Soviet Union. Using basically a Finnish rip off of the Mosin Nagant and a lil sub machine gun he killed 505 men in the Winter War, which lasted just 100 days. He has the largest confirmed kills of any sniper ever. He was a fucking bad ass. Do note that’s 505 confirmed men killed. The unconfirmed could be larger. You also forgot the other badass part, he took an incendiary round to the face, dragged his was 25KM back to base, and went into a coma., only waking on the last day of the war. The thing that is often said is that the Russians ended the war because he woke from his slumber. And to add, he was a farmer with no military training who got back to farming after the war.  He used to dump water on the snow so the loose snow won’t fly with the gun kickback, and he stuffed his mouth with snow so his breath won’t be detected The rifle this dude used didn’t have a scope unlike the ones Soviets had. This was because in the almost -40 degrees Celsius weather the scope could have frosted, the glint from the glass could have given him away, it took a bit longer to aim properly with it, it would have required him to raise his head higher which would have made him a bigger target and he just didn’t have the training to use a scoped rifle stolen from the enemy. He preferred to use a rifle he knew how to instead of learning to use a new one. He lived up to be 96 years old and passed away in 2002.