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Chill, Clock, and Come Over: Anonymous (ID: wdV7Gilc) 01/28/13 (Mon)00:55:48 No.454279762 DA FUCK Alright /b/ lemme tell you bout my first time. >Be me, 17 >7/10 beta as fuck parents are out for the weekend friends" are all busy doing shit decide to go chill at local coffee shop to cheer myself up >moping around drinking my fucking $10 coffee >see 8.5/10 chick working counter >sip coffee nervously for half an hour >finally work up courage to ask her name BRAHP says her name is Raven >"oh neat, my friend had a raven once, he named it meatball" what thefucilkamisaying.gif haha really? one my friends actually calls me raviol >i somehow manage to flirt with her for a couple of minutes >start getting super nervous, say l have to head back home gives me her number, says to text her after work >go home, stare at clock waiting for her to get off work >5 o clock hits hey They anon, whats up? "not much, just chillin at home" >feeling alpha as fuck, never gotten this far before is anyone home, or is it just you? just me, my parents are away for the weekend' "mind if i come over?" she wants the d yeah, sure I live on 69 derp street" ill be right over Anonymous (ID: wdV7Gilc) 01/28/13 (Mon)00:56:32 No.454279934 >clean up room at lightning speed >find a pic friend with his raven on dresser >put it on my headboard, maybe she'll think its cu haven eaten anything since breakfas >realize >old spaghe n fridge >meh, why the fuck not eat like an african child in a watermelon famine >hear a knock on the door >fuck, not finished eating >out of trashbags, decide oss it under my bed uS open the doo on the floo hey anon hey Raven, what are you doing here >im a fucking idiot >she laughs, thinks im being funny not much, just came See cute guy >thatwasacloseone anon?" can I come yeah, sui >sit down on couch, put on >halfway through movie she puts her hand on my c aging bone nstantly gel ooks 'to the bedroom?" omehow manage cramble to the bedroom with amazing speed >hops on top of me akes off my shirt was be as fuck fuck, i dont have any condoms she pu one ou eavage ome off brand, great barrier reef or some sh >don't question ust pray it doesnt break >we fuck viciously for abou minutes >no idea what m doing >we're both abou >she sees the picture of the raven what the fuck s too late started cumming close eyes in preparation for this glorious moment ook at pict meat bail art spasming >fairly positive she's bleeding from her vagina his point >the preparations complet begin my satan chan MEATBALL, MEATBALL, SPAGHETTI UNDERNEATH. RAVIOLI, RAVIOLI, GREAT BARRIER REEF Anon's first time