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Ass, Bailey Jay, and Bitch: When ur hiding in ur girl's closet to surprise her but she brings home ur bestfriend and you sit there while he eats her ass. One way or another everybody is a hoe. My hoeness comes natural to me like breathing. It's Wrong to suppress your natural feelings. I'm gonna tell you the story of how I died. I'm at this Fourth of July block party. I knew not one soul there. Matter fact I was on the bus and I saw 2 milfs carrying food and balloons. Niggas can't turn down ass and chicken. The block party they went to was popping. I pulled up like "Cousinn" and grabbed me a plate. The girl serving food was dumb cute and my game was on point. She told me she had to go inside for ice and I insisted to help. Were inside her crib when she takes me to her room. We start making out for a bit before someone comes up the stairs. It's her boyfriend. I run to the closet and hide. The block party popping and he probably came in momentary to grab something. The closet got ridges so I'm spectating through the cracks to see the hold up. Homie was catching some soul snatching neck.I'm watching salty as fuck. That should be my balls slap boxing her tonsils. By the looks of it they might end up doing the nasty. I can tell her nigga was a bitch. Homie was eating pussy with his ass in the air. Baby girl dropped a mud pie in his face. Niggas love sundress season till they get hit with mud slap word to Pokémon. Shorty Boyfriend passed out at the end of the bed. He got hit win a mean shit grenade and was unconscious. Whole room smell like a NYC subway. She comes to me like what are we gonna do. We? Is it even legal to take a shit on someone? Nigga woke up and mopped me. I got sauced off the earth like in smash bros and your health over 200. I'm waiting to respaswn. I never finished my chicken. You Can't trust these hoes.