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Alive, Bodies , and Life: If you're pronounced dead when your heart stops beating... Fetal heartbeat 18 days after conception ..why aren't you pronounced alive when your heart starts beating? Be My Voice goandannouce Actually you're not considered dead when your heart stops beating. This is why many medical professionals still try to revive those whose hearts have stopped. Because medicine and science has found that death is not considered when your heart as stopped, but once all brain activity has ceased. Which is why they usually have around six minutes before there is no chance to revive. Because when the heart has stopped, your brain cells are deprived of oxygen and start to die. Fetuses do not have regular brain activity until 25 weeks. At this point in gestation the only time an abortion would be performed is out of medical necessity to save the mother's life, or to spare the fetus from a short and painful life. These only make up 1 % of all abortions. And therefore by this argument, but with the knowledge of what is actually classified as death, a fetus isn't 'alive' until roughly 25 weeks. Far after 99% of abortions are performed Please do actual research before trying to use emotional manipulative photos of babies that are born and NOT fetusesbefore parading it out and believing it as fact, Because you are only seriously misinforming yourself, and many others and furthering contributing to a movement that tries to control women's bodies, when what they do with it does not affect Professional choice

Professional choice

College, Go to Sleep, and Head: Reasons why I hate students loans As a kid, I never liked owing people money l never liked that someone could hold that over my head and follow me every step I took. sin When it came time to pay for college it took my mother and her extended relatives everything they had just to make the down payment. It felt wrong to be taking from people who had sacrificed so much already I once saw a sign at another university that said, "by cutting Starbucks you can save more than $2,000 a year What they don't advertise on the glossy college brochures: Losing weight because you skipped lunch for the fourth time that week comes free with the tuition. On days when I've run out of pepper, hunger is the best seasoning I know. I've tasted instant noodles so many times I can tell the flavor by the sound of powder hitting water. parents sacrificed everything to come to this country to give me a better life. My when l call my mother."I tell her I'm doing fine, but she can hear the tiredness in my voice and she says she's sorry she's not able to do more for me. They told me college would be expensive I just didn't expect to pay an arm and a leg to be a part of this student body. I'm missing office hours because of work. l'm missing work to study because I missed office hours. I'm missing the test because I overslept because I spent all night working They said by going to college I would be working towards mý dreams, now when I go to sleep at night, I don't dream anymore. @studentlifeproblems