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America, Books, and Brains: On April Fool's day, NPR had an extremely simple joke that turned out to be an incredibly effective demonstration of how much commenters on Facebook actually read of es The post was simple NPR shared a link What has become of our brains? Why Doesn't America Read Anymore www.npr org In an age of readily available information and countless ways to get it, we seem to be losing touch with our powers of Except if you actually clicked through you got this Congratalations geine readers,and happy April Fools Day We soneoines get the sease that soe pepve are comesning on NPR sores thar they haven't actually mdryou ore reoding ehts, please like this postenddo㎖ cment ont The t's e at prople have to say abost shis "story Best asshes and have an esegale day Your friends at And of course, it worked like a charm. Some commenters blamed video games and TV, others got angry and offended because they were being accused of not reading: Who says Anericans don't read? As arn American who reads compulsively 1 find this offensive and at 3:38am Andrew J Greene Your comment is so funny t believe n article about how I don't read anymore 3-April 1 at 10:20am Are you SURE you're reading the article? 20 April 1 at 10.47am Pshh...you must have interviewed right outside the Annual Moron's Convention. Everyone I know is reading April 1 at 3:34pm It is because of video games. That's my theory. Plus, people just read on the internet these days. But I still read and love paper books. I hate Nooks and Kindles 1 April 1 at 11:37am Myy E" level reader of his class. The levels in his class are A, beginner, to E, expert. My niece & oldest nephew are woracious readers as well. So, NPR, wipe those nervous beads of sweat from your brow, sit back, or read & conduct research at a library for another NPR story. There are plenty of bookworms, you just have to look for them. 1-Yesterday at 8:58am ets hope your briliant nieces and nephews can help you read the article. S 22 hours ago Well clearly Faux News viewers stopped reading everything except "books" by Coulter Malkin & O'Reilly, and Palin, which explains A LOT OOKS...remember what those are? We are not talking about the ability to read text messages...or FB articles.....it's abot ACTUALLY reading for pleasure and information......People dont have the attention span or the 1 at 9:28pm I see you took the patience to read the article, so did you get a loe of information from it? What points did you agree/disagree with? 22 hours ago many families plus plays video games and lifts weights and goes off with his friends and has a lot of fun....imagine that! He loves reading and you parents should teach this to your 1 April 1 at 7:38pm l read all the time. I don't watch much video. Everyone in my family reads a lot too, more so than watching video, Catchy headline, but not true. #2 1-April 1 at 7:20pm because of rap music and young earth 6:20pm As NPR fights back the deep, existential terror that people are reading their articles, and still questioning their reason for existence. Really, I've noticed more articles lately, with more questionable content.at 3:18pm Television. It's the no-brainer. People expect to get information from it without effort. What they get is sold a bill of useless goods. Just sit and let it pour into your vulnerable brain. 1 April 1 at 12:44pm Edited In the words of ATHF: A book says that books is from the devil, and that TV is twice as No sirl Shake 14am Why transport yourself to far off worlds through books when there are so many dang video games out there to be played? Seriously, who the heck wants to read? Because kids are addicted to video games & TV AND. parents arent reading to their kids. When was little we never went to bed without a story. Now days we have at least 2 generations who don't read. April 1 at 10:52am If Facebook is any indicator (and it is) most people don't even bother to read the entire headline, much less the content. Why would we expect them to read an entire book? Luckily, there were some people who got the joke Ok, who are the biggest losers in this social experiment: the people who didn't read and commented anyway as though they did, the people that did read and commented as though they didn't, or the people that either didn't read closely enough to follow the instructions or couldn't even wait 10 minutes to spoil the joke? I can't decide, but thanks for the insight into Internet p And some took the joke and ran with it: Brilliant, but a bit obscure for my taste Especially the second paragraph stuff about democrats vs reblicans and the value of education. I do think the part about the GMO debate being mostly about liberal bias is extirely spot on. Not to mention all the stuff about Fox News, Glenn Beck and illegal aliens being the real heroes in the war against Overall a great well balanced article. <p>Brilliant Facebook Prank Tricks Dumb People Who Consider Themselves Smart</p>

Brilliant Facebook Prank Tricks Dumb People Who Consider Themselves Smart