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You never go full retard: Hi guys. I am a 24 transman and I am dating a 24 transwoman I'm sure you all have seen the news that a fucking shitty ass American state just passed an extremely aggressive anti-choice law banning woman from having abortions My girlfriend and I were discussing it and even though we are both pro-choice and pretty much acknowledge that a fetus is just a clump of cells that hardly constitute life, my girlfriend felt the need to remind me that as a man, I have no say in the matter anyway She appreciates and thanks me for expressing solidarity with women's rights but insists that men should have absolutely zero opinion whatsoever on the right to terminate a pregnancy This really worries me because what if I get pregnant? I have not started hormones vet and neither has she and we are both sexually activated. Even though I am on the pill at the moment. There is always that small chance ya know! And so then what happens if I do get pregnant?!?! Is she going to claim that as the mother she gets to then decide my choices for my body? I'm sorry but I think that is bullshit. Now I am sure that we would both agree to terminate the pregnancy anyways because we hate kids (but we love doggos!) and definitely don't want them But it will be awhile before we can both get bottom surgery so until then I am on the pill and pregnancy could still be a possibility. Would it be best to just drop it and let her have the last word out of respect for the fact that she is a woman? And accept that l, as the man, should get no societal say whatsoever in women's bodily autonomy rights? Grr please any advice. Especially from other trans lovies would be most appreciated. You never go full retard