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Advice, Crying, and Deer: I AT&T LTE 8:57 PM 10 85%.. l AT&T LTE 8:56 PM 85% Yester at 7:30 PM . mins This baby has been living under my back porch for several days now. She has obviously been badly abused, I can not get her to come to me. I feed and water her several times daily hoping to gain her trust. When we do catch her out in the yard I can see every rib but she runs back under the porch as soon as we try to get her to come to us. With the belo... See More Happy News!!! Today after work I went to tractor supply to buy a heat light for our new dog friend. As I was headed to the register to pay a man noticed what I was carrying and asked if I had chickens, I replied yes and he asked me how I planned on keeping them warm during the freezing temps that are on the way. He mentioned he had chickens and turkeys and we talked a bit. I then proceeded to tell him why I was buying the heat lights. He said awe, "my dog ran away around Thanksgiving, she was chasing some deer and never returned but her mom and sister did" I said "awe, I'm sorry to hear that". He asked what kind of dog and when I told him he said "oh my goodness, is she tan and white and blind in one eye?" I said "yes!". I showed him a picture and he started crying, he said "that's my Alana!". I could not believe it!!! He followed me home and when he said her name, she immediately looked up! I am so happy she was returned to her owner!! As I have reflected over this my heart is over joyed What perfect timing! And I was humbled in my assumption that she was abused...this poor baby has been away from home for almost 3 months, hungry, lost and scared...of course she would look worse for wear. Thank you all for all your advice and kind words!!! You and 30 others 16 Comments Oo Oo One of my wife’s friends posted this, what awesome luck!

One of my wife’s friends posted this, what awesome luck!