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America, Clothes, and College: O4G19:39 pervocracy I wonder if one of the causes of animosity towards "entitled millennials" is that many millennials are poor people who look rich. Theres this growing class of people who wear nice clothes, have fancy new electronic gadgets, go out to eat nice food... and will never own a home or have a retirement fund or put a child through college. It's so easy to say "if you cut down on the avocado toast maybe you could save up", and so hard to accept that a house these days is fifty thousand avocado toasts, and thats why so many of us have just given up. We don't treat ourselves because we think the world will take care of us when we get older, we treat ourselves because we know it won't. Might as well feel and look good on the way down geobrarian think you're absolutely right. And what compounds this image is the fact that fancy new gadgets and nice looking clothes and elevated toast ARE all relatively cheap compared to how they look. The cost of things has gone way down while the price of property has skyrocketed. I can buy a full outfit, a phone case with an external charger embedded, and lunch at a local business for under $50 total, but then I'll walk home to 4619:39 business for under $50 total, but then I'll walk home to my apartment because I can't afford a car payment or a mortgage. It's unintentional smoke and mirrors bogleech Older, better off people also have difficulty understanding the cell phone thing because they remember cell phones being a luxury for thousands of dollars practically yesterday in their personal timeline of the world. They often have sincerely no idea you can get at least a flip phone for $10 and pay as you go And foods that used to be "exotic dining" in America like sushi and pho and curry have normalized enough, especially in cities, to be as inexpensive as a typical quick Tunch kyraneko Yep. There's an aspect of frugality to turning your buying choices to what gets you the most bang for your buck, and now that you can have sushi for the price of McDonald's, buy a suit from the thrift store and have it tailored to you for less than the price of a new pain of jeans, and find smartphones for under a hundred dollars or even free with data plan, that is the sort of also like, half of the stuff is not only nolonger a luxery but its an actual necessity, if you dont have a computer it just became so much harder to apply for jobs, if you dont have a phone how are they going to contact you for the interview? Fuente: pervocracy 76,101 notas karlcat elliexer turnon me: the lives of all creatures have intrinsic value fly: buzz buzz me: Millennials kill the poverty stereotypes industry. Bonus meme at the end.

Millennials kill the poverty stereotypes industry. Bonus meme at the end.