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The writer knows whatโ€™s up: Vodafone.de 36 %| 09:03 Summary How we work ("bullshit-free" version); We write all new code in Swift but we also carry the baggage of legacy Objective-C code. Ugly 10-year-old Objective-C code. You know what we mean. But we're committed to getting rid of it We reach 400,000 people every day. We support 13 languages. We have more than 2 million vehicles in our database We really care about quality. We have a lot of tests and keep a close eye on our crash logs. . We aim to be data-driven. We A/B test all user-facing features.We're focused on user experience and work closely with UX designers. . We automate ALL THE THINGS. We own our Cl. We use TeamCity, Fastlane, Danger, and all the rest. We love trying new things. Architectural patterns, services, tools, you name it. Promises and Apollo (GraphQL) work great for us. Heck, we even tried Readt Native. Not that great. What We Need From You Passion for development and a strong sense of ownership * Be not afraid to explore or touch things, even in ugly old legacy code Be agile . Think beyond Swift and Objective-C. There will also be some Ruby, shell scripts, and even the occasional Scala Speak English (German is a plus, Bavarian even more, but that's more important for Oktoberfest) *Willing to give and accept help from your colleagues (a.k.a. "collaborative culture") Be smart and don't overengineer every piece of code you push (some overengineering between Christmas and New Year's Eve is fine) The writer knows whatโ€™s up