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Being Alone, Children, and Friends: Tweet t1 DickMonger Retweeted Slim Dollars @SlimDollars some people wasnt raised. they was tolerated.. sat in front of a tv and given chicken nuggets and capri suns they whole childhood... we gotta really be mindful of that 4/2/18, 7:59 AM 2,085 Retweets 3,100 Likes smitethepatriarchy: bpdcalvinfischoeder: zakbaganses: jazzisback: sauvamente: Okay but how is this our problem? What’s the context? Thank you, like what does this have to do with me? I’m supposed to be considerate of what here, a lack of socialization? You’re supposed to be aware that some people were raised to be tolerated and that transfers into their adult life. Always being alone as a child doesn’t help you grow into a social adult. It leads you to be friends with people you believe are your friends but are only tolerating you. It leads you to believe that the people who love you and are around you are only tolerating you because you’re around. It feels scary to ask people for anything because you’re afraid they’ll give you what you want only to get you away from them. It makes you feel unlovable, unsocial, and intolerable to the people you love and should know, love you. This is also something that tends to happen to children of resentment; kids who were born to parents who had kids because they were expected to, or any other reason besides wanting kids unconditionally. It’s a very lonely, loveless childhood. It’s a childhood full of you trying to tell your parents about problems and they brush you off, or wanting to talk about something you like and you get “thats nice honey but could you -insert excuse to get you away from them-” You constantly second guess peoples motives. You don’t believe anyone could genuinely want to help you. You see yourself as a bother. You don’t trust people when they do nice things for you because you think theyre just trying to placate you and make you go away. Everyone is only doing nice things for you to be polite, not because theyre a nice person or they care about you. And usually this kind of childhood is accompanied by emotional abuse. Your parents tolerate you, but they would really rather you not be around. And kids aren’t stupid. They know. And it hurts them. It hurt me so much. You grow up believing no one would ever actually love you. Some people really just don’t give a fuck about anyone but themselves to the point that they get offended when you ask them to be aware that many individuals had shitty childhoods.