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Nihilistic: semicolon m-dash ampersand every english teacher's favorite student doesn't start things until the last minute has hidden wild side of some kind probably a cat person must have final zinger in an argument kind of an asshole, but in the loveable way . off-the-charts sarcasm levels . cheer them up with food really heckin gay probably an art student trash for pastel-colored anything loves succulents but can't stop killing them ellipses colon quotation marks helps friends by sharing memes didn't peak until after high school ."what am i doing with my life" .probably a younger sibling what is self-control still unironically uses XD and o.O . freaks out when they see a dog . kind of a mess, but also pure mom friend Very Organized-how do they do it? . bakes desserts when stressed too hard on themselves asterisk exclamation point(s) parentheses . wrote it down but lost the note .thinks of perfect response a day later can't catch a break but Trying Really Hard loves nature/being outdoors . chaotic neutral won't stop watching vine comps hasn't slept in three days . for fuck's sake "well actually... . kind of a know-it-all won't realize they're the asterisk were probably valedictorian or something slash tilde question mark . so indecisive "hip with the youths" says "omg" (the acutual abbreviation) . has watched the office at least 3 times so soft probably a weeb .probably good at whistling doesn't want to hurt anyone's feelings .always sleepy ."what is happening" .really likes podcasts and/or npr . shares nihilistic memes; really an optimist