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Animals, Boxing, and Children: KANGAROO CREEKFARM PLEASE READ THROUGH THE RULES TO HELP ENSURE THAT YOU, YOUR FAMILY, AND OUR ANIMALS HAVE A SAFE AND HAPPY EXPERIENCE Do not chase the ducks, chickens and peacocks. ...They don't enjoy it. No "boxing" with the roos. They will win. Don't Eat In The Animal Pens ...It's not hygenic. Don't go into the residence on the property or peer in the windows... My husband doesn't always wear pants. Do not pick animals up. Stay off the rock retaining walls and out of the flower beds. ...Unless you have been asked to do so by a guide. ..Please don't pick the flowers. Give the peacocks their space. Children must be in close proximity to their caretaker. .Waving your arms in the air and yelling won't make them display. ...Young children should be kept within arm's length. Pet kangaroos on their back. Don't scruff them up the way you would a dog. ...Always approach animals slowly from the front. No dogs or other personal pets in the animals enclosures. Be gentle and treat all the animals and birds with respect. ..It is appreciated. It scares the animals. No smoking, including E cigerettes. No alcohol. -No discarding of butts anywhere on the property Children must be accompanied by a responsible adult who is actively parenting them. Move slowly. No running. Who is actually paying attention to what the children are doing. It scares the kangaroos. Our local kangaroo cuddling farm has some excellent rules.

Our local kangaroo cuddling farm has some excellent rules.

Bad, Birthday, and Christmas: OOO00 Reviewed 24 December 2015 via mobile Grim tasteless stodge I don't like leaving negative reviews but when you're confronted with a plate of tasteless stodge and Chinese prawn crackers on your birthday for a hefty price per dish you have to act to save others. Inauthentic tosh, green curry of nightmares London, United Kingdom Show less 279 183 Date of visit: December 2015 See all 24 reviews by Ask 12 Thank | This review is the subjective opinion of a TripAdvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC Owner at |responded to this review Responded 25 December 2015 Dear 1. Please do not consider yourself Thai food connoisseur because by the look of your reviews it is obvious that you hardly experienced authentic Thai food and you have never been to Thai restaurant. 2. You said our price is hefty! At £7.95 main course including rice or noodles, starters under £4 !! if this is expensive for you, You have never been to other Thai restaurant and you have not got a clue about the prices. By the sound of it you be better of in McDonalds. 3. Did we not tell you our food is satisfaction guaranteed what that means in English, if you are not happy with your food let us know and we will change it for you or cancel it and waved the charge. In contrast we did notice your plates came back completely empty, if you did not like it why did you eat the lot? 4. I think the only reason for your harsh review is, we told you there is no alcohol consumption in our premises. So please do not try to be a saint and save your precious advise to yourself as you are not an expert in Thai food. You have not got any idea about Thai curry. 5. You said you did not like to leave bad reviews yet about 50% of your reviews are marked 1-3. I think you should revise yourself before criticise others and Merry Christmas to you too. I don't like leaving negative reviews but...

I don't like leaving negative reviews but...