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Animals, Beautiful, and Bodies : Tiger Canine Human Canine Herbivore carnivore GET OVER IT High-res Important: Dogs and cats can be vegan, too, because humans prepare their food. We have bred them and are responsible for them. (We should stop breeding and liberate them, but) nutritionally complete and tasty vegan dog and cat food is a real and great option. Tigers and other wild animals have to fend for themselves and they are just as good as any other animals. sj-circlejerk: jonaki: bravelittletoreador: pettyartist: lxndr5: lord-kitschener: The teeth are different because humans ate different forms of prey and caught them differently. A tiger needs its teeth to hold onto struggling prey, while humans have more usable limbs. also CATS CANNOT BE VEGAN THEY ARE OBLIGATE CARNIVORES AND IF YOU MAKE THEM LIVE ON PLANTS YOU WILL FORCE THEM TO GO BLIND AND DIE FOR THE SAKE OF SHOWING HOW MUCH YOU CARE ABOUT ANIMALS CATS CANNOT BE VEGAN CATS CANNOT BE VEGAN  Jesus Christ, yeah no, cats can never be vegetarian or vegan jesus goddamn motherfucker. CATS NEED TAURINE CATS NEED TAURINE FROM MEAT PROTEINS DO NOT MAKE YOUR CAT EAT A VEGETARIAN/VEGAN DIET Cannot reblog this enough. Cats can not produce the amino acid taurine in their bodies. They must get it from their diet, or they will go blind and die, slowly and horribly. You have the ability and the right to choose a vegan or vegetarian life style and people should respect that choice. Your pet does not have that ability, and can not make that choice. Please do not force it on them, any more than you would allow someone to force a diet not of your choosing on you. If you find it morally objectionable to feed your pets food containing animal products, then perhaps you should consider choosing an herbivorous pet such as a rabbit or other small rodent. For the same reason I can’t keep snakes, even though I think they’re beautiful, because I can not handle their diet, if you can not handle feeding your cat animal products, you should find it a home with someone who can. cats and dogs can be vegan too because humans prepare their food how can someone even conceive of something as mind-numbingly stupid as this sentence also, defining a species’ diet based on the shape of their teeth? wow that’s some einstein shit right here Feeding carnivorous pets a vegan diet should constitute as animal cruelty and people who do so should lose the right to own pets.