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Arguing, Drinking, and Love: AT&T LTE 8:54 PM (R 78% R. Messages Hot Stud MuffinDetails Ight go NO BOYS. NO DRINKING. NO BOYS. MO DRINKING. NO BOYS. NO DRINKING. please be smart alright. I know you will dang it but please be smart. This is really hard for me because l've always been a tremendously good person and have never gone to a party When I text you, you are to answer. The party is not and will not ever be more important than me. You better know what you are doing. Please don't do anything to ruin us. I know you won't but a reminder never hurt Around 9:30 text me when you'll be home. Have fun. I love you bunches. I don't know why l allow this but whatever go. NO BOYS. NO DRINKING. and I love you And you're calling me tonight and I'm getting every detail raincitykittyy: biscaynesugarxo: goldenpoc: soleil-moon-bye: lizardtitties: aswefollowthelights: rum: The reddest of all flags ladies and gentlemen YIIIIIIIIKESSSSSSSS If your boyfriend, girlfriend, or even just an overly protective friend says anything like this to you in response to you going out, please dump them immediately. They will argue with you, they will be hurt that you don’t appreciate how much they care, they will have some reason you make them act like that, they may even have a sob story about being cheated on or having trust issues that makes you feel sorry for them or guilty. Don’t listen to any of it, and walk away immediately. They will absolutely go off the deep end and try to get you back with apologies and threats to you or themselves. Do not listen to it, tell people what’s going on, and cut off all contact. This is not loving, caring behaviour, this is dangerous manipulation. DUMP HIM This is emotional abuse I like how he slipped in the “I’m a good person because I don’t go out” bit to make her feel like she’s already shitty for going out regardless of boys or drinking “The party is not and will never be more important than me” okkk…. it’s just a party?? They only last a few hours and then it’s over??